Spencer Reed Getting Gay Married In Germany!

Gay porn mega star and aspiring DJ Spencer Reed has just announced his engagement and upcoming wedding on April 5th! Gay marriage isn’t legal in Germany where Spencer Reed lives, but the country does recognize domestic partnerships, which include all of the same rights as a “traditional” marriage except joint adoption benefits. Too bad!

No word on who the lucky groom is, but—and this is just a stab in the dark—he’s probably young and blond. Whoever it is, congratulations!


21 thoughts on “Spencer Reed Getting Gay Married In Germany!”

  1. I assume he is American? Unless he has a EU nationality, the work permit situation is not sustainable. On the other hand, there would be no divorce proceedings if things go wrong in the future. Easier to break up and leave. Anyone knows if civil union allows him to apply for residency or work permit in Germany?

    1. I don’t remember all the details right now, but I remember being told I wouldn’t be able to work for at least a period of 6 months and my new husband would have to support me. I would be allowed to stay though as I would be married to an EU national (my best friend is German and there was a serious conversation about it).

      To be fair though, I wouldn’t have only been marrying him to stay, it would be because I do care about it anyway, so we opted not to do it less it feels like a cheap reason to abuse the system we’re fighting to have rights in.

  2. as a german i can tell you that it is false that domestic partners have the same rights as “traditionally” married people except joint adoption of children. truth is: domestic partners have the same DUTIES and the same RESPONSIBILITY according to the law like “traditionally” married people to each other. however, they don’t have the same RIGHTS. i.e. domestic partners have to pay taxes like singles, not like married people which would be a great advantage. there are also differences when it comes to pensions or premiums for married couples. but there is some movement because the constitutional court decided some cases in favor for domestic partners and there are pending some very important cases which will probably be decided in favor for domestic partners, too.

  3. He goes through guys like they’re nothing. I don’t give this new union any chance and i don’t see the appeal. Id rather date lou reed than this bone head.

    1. I hope that’s over, or it never happened. I hate to see a gorgeous guy like Alex Marte tie the knot with this bacne wackjob. I honestly think it is Damir or that guy Carsten Andersson or whatever his name was. I think both of them were German.

    1. Tell that to my best friend in Germany (who himself is German) who MARRIED (legally) his American bf and even legally changed his name to suffix (with hyphen) his bf’s name. They have been together for a long time and finally tied the knot after the bf finally moved to Germany for him (he was in America still for business and didn’t necessarily want to move from home, but gay marriage isn’t legal in America, so the option was moving to Germany).

    2. In fact, when I was wanting to stay in Germany myself, my friend’s suggestion was to just marry my best friend of 13 years (since everyone already assumes we’re a couple anyway) to stay. It would end up just a precursor to really being together anyway.

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