Paul Canon, Colby Tucker

Sperm-maid Paul Canon Swallows Colby Tucker Hole!

As the thriller ‘Rise of the Sirens’ from acclaimed director Marc MacNamara continues, we present 10 reasons this sexy, dramatic and funny scene is a must-see (including how damn good Paul is in that merman tail)!

When we spoke to director Marc MacNamara earlier this month in our exclusive interview, he was gushing about the performances of Colby Tucker (“An acting genius. He knew exactly how to deliver every line and steal any scene he was in”) and Paul Canon (“The best swimmer in the mermaid tail. He is so easy-going and a brilliant performer to work with”), and rightfully so. We now get to see why he was so excited about these two as Sirens continues.

Paul Canon, Colby Tucker

Colby learns more about climate change from his Marine Lab teacher’s assistant, who helps explain why animals might be coming to shore to feed. That helps him understand what’s been going on with buddy Matthew Camp and mysterious stranger Beaux Banks, but Colby needs to see it first hand. So he puts on his brave (and handsome) face as he heads to the water. That’s where he encounters Paul, who soon tempts him into the woods for an unforgettable encounter.

Paul Canon, Colby Tucker Paul Canon, Colby Tucker

Here are 10 memorable moments that make this scene stand out:

  1. The opening title sequence, complete with a dark and mysterious underwater shot and ominous music. I was scared the shark from Jaws was on its way.
  2. The Hawaii location shots…just stunning, whether the long shot in the beginning or the lush shots of the forest throughout the scene.
  3. The unamused Matthew Camp, who has had enough of pal Colby’s antics (“White woman!”).
  4. Colby’s dialogue delivery…he loves those puns (“So, have you found your little sperm-maid?”), double entendre (“Is it better down where it’s wetter?”) and witticism (“Let them know I don’t use plastic straws…”).
  5. The shot of Colby’s hot backside in his Speedo as he’s about to dive in the water…gorgeous backdrop, gorgeous body, gorgeous composition.

Paul Canon, Colby Tucker Paul Canon, Colby Tucker

  1. The vision of Paul in the mermaid tail sliding underwater (Marc was right!).
  2. Colby spitting and coughing as he deep throats Paul.
  3. Any shot with their rock-hard cocks boinging in the air as they walk through the woods together.
  4. The sequence with the rock-hard Colby riding Paul, his cock bouncing up and down (and slapping the top’s leg), Paul jacking him from behind…so hot!
  5. The huge load that Paul unleashes on Colby’s pretty face.

Paul Canon, Colby Tucker

Paul Canon, Colby Tucker

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4 thoughts on “Sperm-maid Paul Canon Swallows Colby Tucker Hole!”

      1. The tattoo gave it away btw. But I for one think it’s cool we’ve evolved from the days being HIV+ was career death. Remember Mason Wyler.

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