spit roasting david benjamin

The Spit-Roasting Of Private Benjamin

Thanks to Dallas Steele and Vinnie Stefano, former “Cauke” campaign manager David Benjamin quickly learns real life can be a helluva lot dirtier than politics.

Arguably one of the most underrated gay porn performances last year was TitanMen exclusive David Benjamin as the driven campaign manager Mark Rollins in “Cauke For President.” After that sex tape leaked, the now unemployed manager left D.C. for Los Angeles and the laid back neighborhood of “Silverlake”, making a pit stop in Palm Springs.

spit roasting david benjamin
The “laid” in the laid back soon becomes the operative word in his new life as well, but not always on his back thanks to fellow exclusive Dallas Steele and making his TitanMen debut, the hairy goodness of Vinnie Stefano. Dallas is likewise reprising his “Cauke” character who has found a new life and a new love with Vinnie when he runs into his old friend.

Free from the confines of campaign protocol and soon his clothing, David finds himself on his knees under the California sun sucking off his former colleague. Then his colleague’s boyfriend. Once they move inside, Dallas ups the ante and takes both cocks in his mouth, setting the tone for the three way fuck fest about to ensue.

spit roasting david benjamin
The knowing looks between Dallas and Vinnie while they spit-roast David sets the stage for …

spit roasting david benjamin
… Dallas to climb into the middle and get plowed by Vinnie while David face fucks him. Dallas blows his load while Vinnie is deep inside. David lets his own load loose right on Dallas’ handsome face while Vinnie spews his own gusher all over Dallas’ abs. Considering that David isn’t even at “Silverlake” yet, safe bet there’s much more to cum.

[Watch David Benjamin, Dallas Steele, and Vinnie Stefano in “Silverlake”]

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  1. Vinnie Stefano is a national treasure. I’m looking, but can’t find, an extensive interview with him. Why hasn’t the gay press done one? Guys would drool reading it!

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