Nico Coopa, Blain O'Connor, Evan Knoxx, Johnny Moon

Stag Collective Releases First Fourgy, Jumps To Next Door Studios

Some big moves are happening over at Stag Collective! Not only did the new studio just officially hop over to become one of the many channels on the Next Door Studios site, but it’s also preparing to release its first-ever foursome scene!

The new group scene, officially out on Thursday, features the talents of young performers Nico Coopa, Blain O’Connor, Johnny Moon, and Evan Knoxx – a model who I recently declared as our ultimate porn crush. From what we’ve seen so far, the scene is honestly really hot, includes some steamy flip-fuck action, and is definitely worth a watch. (But also we could just be very biased because we’ll watch basically anything with Evan Knoxx in it at this point…)

If you’re wanting to experience this scene and you’re not a member of Stag Collective – don’t worry! Like we said, Stag Collective just made the move over to Next Door Studios to become one of the 20+ channels currently available on the site. If you’re a member of Next Door, you’ll now be able to watch the 50+ already-published videos from Stag Collective and other future updates – like this orgy!

A rep for Stag Collective confirms to us that while will remain active, members in the site will be put in the member area of Next Door studios on the Stag Collective channel. They also tell us that new videos for Stag Collective will “continue to update monthly moving forward.”

So what do you think of Stag Collective’s debut fourgy? Will you be tuning in? Are you as obsessed with Evan Knoxx as we are? Sound off in the comments below with all your hot thoughts and be sure to watch this full video over at Next Door Studios!

[Watch Fourway Fuckfest]


2 thoughts on “Stag Collective Releases First Fourgy, Jumps To Next Door Studios”

  1. The hottest thing about foursomes is when the two bottoms are kissing each other while they’re being fucked by the tops who are high fiving each other to congrat each other for their conquests.

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