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Step-Sondays: Showing Your Brother Some Essential Life Skills

I’ve spent the last 48 hours being seriously horny for some hot dad-on-son action, so I thought it was a great time to whip up a collection of taboo gay porn fuck scenes for a Step-Sondays post!

For this week’s hoard of incest-centric scenes, we’re taking a look at brand new videos from Next Door Taboo, Gaycest, and Family Creep. Check them all out below and be sure to tell us your favorite scene down in the comments. Do you like the brother video? The father video? The grandpa video? Sound off below!

Family Tradition: Tape #6: Texting Mishap

Site: Gaycest
Featuring: Oliver James, Mitch Cox
Mitch Cox is finally back at Gaycest. Thank fucking GOD! We needed more of this mustached daddy on the site, so you bet your ass that we dedicated a stroke session to this thick dick hunk’s new scene. [Watch]

Teach Me: How to Top

Site: Next Door Taboo
Featuring: Justin Matthews, Dakota Payne
What do you do when you need to learn how to top at a moment’s notice?! You ask your stepbro to let you top him! Duh! [Watch]

Stepfather Demands!

Site: Family Creep
Featuring: Dale Savage, Jay Seabrook
Yah, so this scene is actually too much even for my perverted ass. Like, it seems borderline abusive and doesn’t translate into a fun viewing experience. I honestly hate everything that is happening in this scene. Watch at your own risk. [Watch]

My Grandpa & Pops Are Fucking Part 2

Site: Family Creep
Featuring: Jake Marshall, AJ Marshall, Nick Milani
We told you about part one of this taboo series a couple of weeks ago, but now it’s time to catch up with these grandpa fuckers and see who’s getting smashed for this bareback fuck video! [Watch]


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  1. dakota payne a top? No way he’s the perfect bottom (and his bottom here is cute too and a bottom, missed hoyt kissing thhough

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