Johnny_Rapid, Steve_Rickz

Steve Rickz Takes it in the Ass From Johnny Rapid’s Trophy

When tattooed stud Steve Rickz finds out that he lost a very prestigious award to Johnny Rapid he’s understandably unhappy.

However, when Steve tries to steal Johnny’s spotlight things take a turn.

Johnny_Rapid, Steve_Rickz Johnny_Rapid, Steve_Rickz

Johnny decides that if Steve wants the trophy so badly then he should have it… he should have it shoved into his ass.

Johnny_Rapid, Steve_Rickz Johnny_Rapid, Steve_Rickz

Johnny teases Steve’s hole with the trophy before replacing it with his thick cock.

Johnny_Rapid, Steve_Rickz Johnny_Rapid, Steve_Rickz

Steve takes it all, letting the southern cutie rail him right there on the couch.

Johnny shows off what makes him the best salesman around, giving Steve a good hard dicking down before he blows his load all over the blonde bearded stud’s face.



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