steve rogers fucks logan cross

Logan Cross is On Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood

Actually, it was Steve Rogers who entered Logan Cross’ neighborhood, looking for Logan’s older brother. But since big bro would be gone for a while, whatever would Logan do to keep Steve entertained?

Steve Rogers is back at NextDoorRaw today and for only the second time this year, so is Logan Cross.

“Logan is indulging in one of his wildest fantasies. Having long dreamed of hooking up with Steve, Logan realizes the fantasy pales to reality.”

It may be more director Rocco Fallen’s fantasy than Logan’s, but Steve pounds the daylights out of Logan for the complete second half of the scene and looks like the lean, hot fucker he is from frame one.

steve rogers fucks logan crossLogan Cross. Been way too long since we have seen him and his trademark “O faces” that are second to no ones. Steve Rogers is looking especially sexy today too. I do wish he hadn’t been cast as the “designated pole” straight guy again when he kisses, sucks, and rims and is quite hot doing it. But he does attack Logan’s ass in a round robin of positions and works up quite a sweat doing so.

steve rogers fucks logan crossLogan’s apple butt, not to mention that well-practiced mouth, are the gifts that keep on giving in the first half. In the second half, Steve’s dick in that apple butt carries us home.

steve rogers fucks logan crossThe standing mid-air fuck often works for a picture or two or a second or two on video. But that is just one of many extended positions these two pull off today with lusty abandon.

steve rogers fucks logan crossSteve lets Logan have a nice long ride before flipping him on his back and pounding the cum right out of him. Steve continues his thrusting, pulling out just in time to cream Logan’s hole with a quite a sizeable, well-earned but.

[Watch Logan & Steve in “Sunny Bums” at NextDoorRaw]

The “str8” guy shtick. Clearly, NextDoorStudios is convinced that’s a turn on for us. Is it a turn on you?


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