Stiff Competition Monday: Adair 0r Jermaine?

One is lying. One is trying. And I have a feeling both will be back.

Either “Adair” pulled one over on Bryan at ChaosMen or Bryan is trying to pull a fast one over on us. Or maybe both.

Meanwhile, over at Sean Cody, Jermaine ticks off a lot of boxes within the first minute. Including some that usually remain universally empty. The question is, does is it the right combination of boxes?

Let’s get this Stiff Competition Monday underway to determine if you are #TeamMooty or #TeamBooty?

We’ll start today with Adair from ChaosMen

solo jack off videos gay pornMooty is not technically a word, but since Adair is neither new nor is “Adair” his first porn name, the point is moot anyway. Bryan and Adair agree this is his “first time” in the opening of the video. The description elaborates, “he is primarily into girls, but has messed around plenty with guys.” Plenty indeed. First was as the fake viewer in the faux ‘fuck one of our stars contest’ from GayHoopla. It was quickly revealed he was no “Joe surfer” but webcam model Adam Wylde. Then he showed on as Miles Taylor at NextDoor, GayRoom, and GuysInSweatpants. Maybe third time is the charm?

[Watch Adair at ChaosMen]

And onto Jermaine at Sean Cody

solo jack off videos gay pornJermaine is a man of color and is unabashedly a bottom. Diversity and #TeamGay checked off immediately. “I do take pride in my ass … I call it a running back ass,” Jermaine offers without exaggeration. No doubt he has former playmates running back for more that booty. And not just for what’s outside. “I can cum without touching myself from being penetrated. Massage my prostate and before you know it …” he also confesses. I have a feeling we’ll soon find out there’s no exaggeration in that either. Or that he loves interracial pairings. With some stroking and fingering his own backfield, Jermaine gets two substantial nuts, the first of which splats him right in the neck. He shoots, He scores.

[Watch Jermaine at Sean Cody]


3 thoughts on “Stiff Competition Monday: Adair 0r Jermaine?”

  1. Aside from his cute face, killer abs and nice cock……just look at the ass on Jermaine….this choice was easy. Only downside: quit shaving your pubes young man

  2. Going to have to say Jermaine. While Adair has a nice body and butt, his face looks… Weird… Kind of Eastern European. Jermaine looks great; killer body, nice smile, and NO TATTOOS!

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