#StiffCompetitionMonday: Barron or Erick?

Are you #TeamTwink or #TeamBlink?

Who is who is pretty obvious today. Barron could just have easily wandered over from Helix to Sean Cody for the festivities.

When it comes to #TeamBlink, the name comes from the fact that if you blink, Erick from Corbin Fisher today could pass for Sean Cody Brandon’s blonde brother or Nordic first cousin.

However, our initial question is does either make your dick reach a vote for this #StiffCompetitionMonday?

We’re starting off with Erick from Corbin Fisher.

Erick does seem to be a bit older than his reported 24 years. He also seems taller than 5’8″. However, it does make his pretty dick seem all the more sizeable. And edible. But that frame is solidly built, lightly hairy, and he has that somewhat reserved manner of “Corbin Fisher” archetypical jock down to a T. Which makes it rather curious that it seems the crew skipped on the pictures and just supplied screencaps. Beats me. I can assume that when it came time for the stills, he must have blinked in every one of them?

[Watch Erick at Corbin Fisher]

Then we have Barron from Sean Cody

Daniel, & Nixon are Barron’s favorites. But word on the street is there’s also an off-screen Brysen connection to Barron. We’ll see if that manifests itself and if we can handle the truth if it does. Mr. Camerman explains that Barron has never had a dildo in his “butt” before. “No, I’ve always found someone else before resorting to that,” explains Brysen. And then he resorts to just that. And to a follow-up load back at his hotel. It’s not a question of “if” he will be back. But how fast?

[Watch Barron at Sean Cody]

Now if you noticed that today’s models have the same names as two of DJT’s sons, you are not alone. Timing is everything. Corbin Fisher added a “K” to the end so that’s just happenstance. But as for Barron, let me just say this: Sean Cody, not cute. Pick on someone your own size number one. And number two, Presidential references in gay porn is the ultimate boner kill. Shame on you.


Names aside, what do you think of today’s flavors?

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