#StiffCompetitionMonday: Koby, Tyson, or Roman

There’s something for everyone this on this #StiffCompetitionMonday. But will the one that’s right for you be back to show how well he plays with others?

Today we have a line up of new men battling it out.

Today is that rare calendar anomaly when Cyber Monday and #StiffCompetitionMonday converge right on your crotch.

Three different men. Three different sites. But all with the same goal.

To be your man of the day. Who gets your vote?

First up, we meet Koby from Sean Cody

Koby definitely is the boy we all wished had lived next door with a strapping body and a handsome face to complete the package. Speaking of his package, yes, that is a nice sizeable one as well. It is unfortunate though, that in addition to picking up the weights, he also picks up the razor and heads down south with requisite shaving bumps in testimony. We find out nothing about his sexuality other than he’s a natural exhibitionist who likes to send friends his sex videos just for kicks. No wonder he had no problem spilling two loads for the camera. But he does have the “one-hit wonder” kind of vibe to him so enjoy those loads. They may be last of him we’ll see.

[Watch Koby at Sean Cody]

And now we have Tyson from Corbin Fisher

Tyson is naturally lean, smooth, and ripped. He uses basketball and boxing to stay that way. The end result is a body Corbin Fisher has aptly described as, “built for fucking.” Does his athleticism correlates in the bedroom prowess is an open question they also put out there. I’m am not sure that question will ever get answered with a guy but I wouldn’t be surprised if he returns for one of their co-ed shoots. He does shoot one helluva thick load and judging by the running time of his solo, we can safely add “endurance” and “staying power” to his list of charms.

[Watch Tyson at Corbin Fisher]

Finally, we have Roman Tate from GayHoopla
Rough and Ripped Roman Tate” is how GayHoopla begins their description of Roman Tate. And they’ve pegged him right right. Actually, when it comes to the freakiest thing he’s done sexually, he has been pegged. He asked his girlfriend for a threesome with another girl and she said yes on the proviso she got to nail his ass with a dildo. He said yes. She followed through with both menage and the sex toy. Roman said he willing to do it again. Whether those circumstances will include returning to do it for the camera, howver, remain to be seen.

[Watch “Ripped Gym JOCK Roman Tate Works Out And Jerks OFF” at GayHoopla]

And now, who cocks your vote:


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