stiffcompetitionmonday oscar tyson

#StiffCompetitionMonday: Oscar Or Tyson?

Are you #TeamYum or #TeamCum?

Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher are celebrating Independence Day with two new guys that hope will trigger your own explosions.

It’s a pretty even playing field. Two good looking men.

About the same height. Both have great bodies.

Their cocks might not be huge — but they both cum fully loaded.

First up, Oscar from Corbin Fisher.

stiffcompetitionmonday oscar tyson23-year-old Oscar is a surfer with the strong pecs, arm, and the sculpted six-pack abs of an outdoorsy, active guy. As for what he might be into when it comes to being sexually active, we’re given not so much as a clue. But he clearly enjoys working his uncut cock like any red-blooded male. And he didn’t just eat his load, he licked his fingers clean like he just finished a bucket of chicken. Or a cup of Maxwell House that was good to the last drop.

[Watch Oscar at Corbin Fisher]

And then there’s Tyson from Sean Cody

stiffcompetitionmonday oscar tysonTyson is also 23 and who likes “picking up weights and putting them down hard.” Tyson has competed in physique shows and adheres to a strict diet to keep that body looking so good. He’s a very confident guy and despite being a brisk talker, he offered nothing about what makes his dick hard. However, he also has a habit of smacking his stiff cock like he’s playing Whack A Moe. All in all, a fine serving of man. But whoever thought shaving his pubes would make his dick appear bigger was sorely mistaken. It is what it is. And a total shave job very seldom improves the visual no matter the size. Period.

[Watch Tyson at Sean Cody]


Which meat do you want to meet?

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