Stink, Stank, Stunk: How Smelly Do You Like It?

A few weeks ago, NakedSword revealed the top ten gay porn categories that its users have been watching over the past couple of months. With that new list, we learned a lot about people’s porn habits – including the fact that a lot of you are pigs and/or serious pig lovers!

“Pigs” ended up taking over the list’s seventh spot and its inclusion led to a discussion about the porn topic on the Discretion Advised podcast. While going over the NakedSword Top 10 list during the show’s Thot Topics segment, host Marc MacNamara began questioning fellow podcaster John Hill on if he considers himself a pig and if he gets filthy in bed.

“Yes, the answer is yes, but I don’t get into – I’m not a stinky person,” revealed John. “I don’t like a smell.”

It seems that John isn’t alone with his thoughts on smells in the bedroom. Upon John’s odorous confession, Marc immediately went and agreed with John and his anti-stink stance before the two moved on to discuss the rest of the top 10 list.

All this smelly conversation led us to wonder about what our reader’s bedroom scent preferences are. I mean, we know a lot of you watch the “pig” category on NakedSword, but how many of you actually like a smelly guy in the bedroom? And if you do, how smelly do you like it and which parts of him do you want to smell?

Cast your vote in our polls to let us know and if you want to go even further, be sure to leave some dirty details down in the comments! How smelly do you like it? Do you like a smelly dick? Some musky pits? What about some smelly feet?

Sound off below and if you want to hear more of Marc and John’s pervert conversations, be sure to catch this entire episode of Discretion Advised right now over on Apple, Spotify, and


5 thoughts on “Stink, Stank, Stunk: How Smelly Do You Like It?”

  1. If I shower before working in the yard ( no deodorant) I have a really hot musky smell. If I dont shower and its been over 24 hrs since my last one, its a whole different story.

  2. Universal Potentate

    Some guys just have a natural pheromone or body odor which is fantastic. This is (often) enhanced after a workout.
    This is NOT enhanced by stewing in your own sweat all day in July playing video games in your PJs or by fucking cologne!
    We all understand basic hygiene (I hope) but can we talk about the nose choking horror that is Axe body spray or other colognes. I don’t want to lick a chemical factory.
    Bathe. Exfoliate. Not with fru fru soap either. Fragrance free. Just clean.
    The best cologne is a healthy diet.

  3. I think most guys like it ripe. There is a difference. Most gay guys are like ewww but they love the ripeness of someone who works out hard or is a blue collar construction worker. We don’t like stink in the sense of on that person.

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