str8 guys jacking off

Stiff Competition: AJ, WIlson, or Shepherd?

Last Monday Manny made us all stiff but there’s wasn’t much real competition. Let’s see how the new crew does today.

With 85% of the vote, Sean Cody’s Manny won Stiff Competition Monday by a landslide. By Thursday, Tanner was already sliding into him.

Today we have AJ, a young husband in need of cash from Spunk Worthy. Sean Cody‘s Wilson is one we’ll never again. ChaosMen’s Shepherd is as wooly as a sheep.

First up, a real charmer. AJ from Spunk Worthy
str8 guys jacking off
AJ is a 20-year-old married guy with an infectiously big smile and a pretty relaxed attitude. He had no qualms about dropping trou behind the wife’s back to make a few bucks the hard way.

str8 guys jacking off
The back view is pretty nice too. He’s got a great dick and an attitude to match. To be honest, I don’t find many of the guys at the site truly spunk worthy. AJ is a most notable, and very welcome exception to that.

[Watch young, married AJ spunk at “Spunk Worthy”]

Next up, Wilson from Sean Cody
str8 guys jacking off
At 6’2″ and 205 pounds of well-stacked muscle, with his blonde hair and blue eyes, Wilson reminds me of a very beefy version of Rolfe, Liesl’s boyfriend from the Sound of Music. Though I think many of the actors who played Rolfe might not have been straight, this version definitely is.

str8 guys jacking off
Wilson says he’s an over-grown teddy bear that “cares” about feelings. I don’t think he was feeling this shoot, however. “Doubt it” is what he said when they asked if he would be back. Somehow, I believe that we’ll live.

[Watch Wilson at “Sean Cody”]

Bringing us home today is Shepherd from ChaosMen
str8 guys jacking off
With a deep, sexy voice with a hint of a southern twang, Shepherd works in a warehouse by day and practices martial arts by night. From his beard to his toes, everything in between is devoid of the clippers. There’s no doubt plenty of musk trapped in those pits and pubes.

str8 guys jacking off
Shepherd seemed to take this pretty seriously. His cock was throbbing from the first frame. He’s scheduled to return next week not just to be “serviced,” but for an “oral swap.” As far as his cum shot today – just check out the velocity. Shepherd is a shooter.

[Watch Shepherd’s Sexy Solo at ChaosMen]



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