#StiffCompetitionMonday: Bennett, Chad, or Desmond?

Yes. For the first time in #StiffCompetitionMonday, one of these things is not like the other when it’s rare enough it’s the other way around.

Sean Cody sends their preview packs out early so we already took a look at Desmond. As the morning wore on and Corbin Fisher and ChaosMen went live with their updates, it became clear an overdue round of #StiffCompetitonMonday was ordained.

Hot is hot. Period. And skin color is a just detail. Period. But there can only be one winner. Which one flips your switch?

First up, we have Bennett from ChaosMen:

Bennett is a mix of Haitian and West Indies. He’s a dancer and a gymnast – and has the ass to prove it. He considers himself a “professional bottom” and when it comes to porn, “twinks with big dicks” are his go-to flavor. ” He gets anxious about his appearance and life in general. Despite that, he was calm and relaxed for the solo,” writes Bryan at ChaosMen, “and really enjoyed putting on a show for us.” That show ended with “huge streams” of cum “shooting out like a fountain.”

[Watch Bennett at ChaosMen]

Then, there’s Chad from Corbin Fisher

Chad is a broad shouldered blond jock with quite the pair of baby blues. Like Bennett above, Chad is also a double teamer athletically speaking, though his combination is wrestling and football. Which leads to no suprise his return to Corbin Fisher will be in one of their straight scenes. Will he venture into Man Land after that? Time will tell. But since he can send “morse code” with his pecs and has quite the bodiacious ass, if he does, it will be worth waiting for.

[Watch Chad at Corbin Fisher]

Finally, we have Desmond from Sean Cody

The early bird gets the worm — or more specifically in this case, he who send the preview pack gets the write up. You can see the full meal deal of what we wrote earlier about Desmond here. He’s a charmer who likes sex. A lot. He also knows exactly he likes, and who he likes to give it to. “I just like to get straight to the ass and torture it,” Desmond states with a smile. Perhaps his nuts got so big from being emptied so often.

[Watch Desmond at Sean Cody]



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