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#StiffCompetitionMonday: Adrian Or Beau?

Are you #TeamGirth or #TeamWorth?

It’s been a while since there were more than one model to make it a #StiffCompetionMonday. I did have to reach back to Friday for today’s heat to happen.

However, that augments the usual contenders with an entry from GayHoopla. Corbin Fisher is also back. As for what ChaosMen and Sean Cody have to offer today, getting to them in due course would mean October of 2035. But for the sakes of our purposes today, visuals at the end.

First up, Adrian Monroe from Gay Hoopla.

straight guys jacking off videos“Yo Adrian!” Except this Adrian comes with a “Howdy Doody” face and a “How do you do?” cock. He’s got a fat beauty of a dick and a pretty bodacious ass on the flip side. The “body is very nice too — even though he says that academics get in the way of “his gym time. We don’t find out much about “his sexuality save he lasted five minutes his first time with the aid fo a condom. The question now is, do you want him to return to GayHoopla a second time, but with a playmate?

[Watch Adrian at GayHoopla]

Moving on to Beau from Corbin Fisher

straight guys jacking off videos“This smoking hot young man could very easily be cold and aloof and we’d forgive him because he’s so good to look at,” writes Corbin Fisher. Perhaps they forgot they’re not running a sculpture gallery. However, once he picks up the weights and starting working his gunz, he’s all smiles. And once he drops trou, we’re the ones that are smiling. Damn; that ass is f-i-n-e. Now Corbin Fisher has had about a dozen solos since the guy came back for some man-on-man action. Beau would be ideal to break that curse. Ideal: being the operative word. Likely is another matter.

[Watch Beau at Corbin Fisher]

Finally, although no competition to Adrian or Beau, Sean Cody ponied up Tracey today. On the right, we have Anton from ChaosMen.
straight guys jacking off videosI’m not sure which one belongs on which site … or either belongs on any site.
Just a messenger here, folks.
[More with Tracey at Sean Cody]  [Anton at ChaosMen]


Who is making your Monday?

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