CockYourVote: Rey Or Bryce

Are you #TeamRough or #TeamFluff?

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is always an important axiom when discussing gay porn. Today, however, I am introducing a new one. “You can’t judge the current until you have seen the motion of the ocean.”

Both of our guys today both look and come across very differently in their videos than the do in their still images.

Watch, look, listen, then CockYourVote: Rey or Bryce?

First flavor today, Rey from Sean Cody:

straight guys jacking off

“I like working out,” says Rey, flexing his gunz. “Can’t you tell?” Even though he poses it as a question, he states it as a fact. Rey is a cocky, uncut Latin with a fine cock, sick abs, and a butt that never got any precious screen time. Not sure if there was a looming Dick Dorm shoot or what, but with full opening and closing credits, he rubs off two loads in little more than eight minutes. He’s not nearly as “smooth” on video as in his stills. Even less so in person. In addition to “pulling hair,” his other biggest turn on is “back scratching gets me off.” All righty then.

[Watch “Rey” the solo at Sean Cody]

And now for your consideration, Bryce from Corbin Fisher:

straight guys jacking off

There’s a hint of a southern twang in Bryce’s voice right along with a nervous croak he tried to tamp down. Add that to a killer, ripped body and in motion, he’s quite the adorable hunk. He has a knowing, crooked smile that gleams when he talks about his first threesome with a guy. Something tells me it won’t be his last one. The question is, will his nerves allow it to be on camera and what will the gender mix be this time?

[Watch “Bryce” the solo at Corbin Fisher]

The prettier cover isn’t always the more enjoyable book. Who ticked you fancy today?

4 thoughts on “CockYourVote: Rey Or Bryce”

  1. A beautiful face, especially when it comes with a muscular body, almost always scores higher on my peter meter. Rey, by a mile.

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