straight guys jacking

Stiff Competition: Sean, Evan, or Michael?

Which flavor do you favor? Hairy and hung. Cocky breeder. Or euro ginger ?

Two last week for Stiff Competition Monday – but a trifecta today. ChaosMen brings us Sean Peyton, a fur-covered gay guy with a honker of a dick. William Higgins serves up ginger Michael Red. Last, and least, Evan from Sean Cody is too cocky for his own good. But is he good for you?

straight guys jacking
Sean Peyton ditched his boyfriend, his clothes, and headed to ChaosMen for a look-see. Brian took a look and wanted to see more. There’s plenty to take in. As for Sean favorite flavor, dial “D” for “Daddy.” Let’s hope he stays off the market long enough to return.

straight guys jacking
Full bush, heaving hanging dick, and a hot, hairy hole he’s not afraid to put on display. I hope he’s back soon and that hole and dick gets put to work.

[Watch Sean Peyton at ChaosMen]

From across the bond, William Higgins brings us Michael Red.

straight guys jacking
Michael is a 19 year-old fire crotch from the Czech Republic. His interestes include sports, hockey, fitness, and females.

straight guys jacking
But for a straight guy, he sure had no problem showing his ass. In fact, showing it off seemed to turn him on. I’m not sure if he will be back for hardcore, but he sure will be in the second heat in our “Whose the Hottest Ginger in Gay Porn” poll.

[See Michael Red from William Higgins]

From the land of “My Uber-Sexiness is a Figment of Own Imagination, Sean Cody brings us Evan.
straight guys jacking
“I guess you could say I walk a fine line between confidence and cockiness,” says Evan. He has a right to be proud of his arms. But his idea of how hot he is overall is as over-inflated as his ego, me thinks.

straight guys jacking
Evan says he’s looking for someone “who will come cook for me.” He also says his cock is about nine inches. So what he really needs is someone who will come bring him a ruler.

[Decide if Sean Cody’s Even is really “All That”]



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