Stiff Competition: Gabe, Manny, or Kenneth?

All three new guys have beautiful asses. And for two of them, it’s toy time.

Gay Hoopla serves up Gabe. A studious college guy who knows his best asset is his booty. Sean Cody delivers my new husband Manny who looks as good going as cumming. Finally, ChaosMen rounds out this Stiff Competition Monday with a cutie named Kenneth. First we’ll look. Then we’ll vote.

Starting off, we have Gabe from Gay Hoopla:
straight guys using dildos
Gabe is a very scholastically minded business major but makes the time to work out “almost every day.” He’s got a charming smile and some cool ink. His initial nervousness is pretty charming too.

straight guys using dildos
Gabe does a little twerk-twerk before his jerk-jerk. Seems the eager beaver was an over-achiever and made what he calls a “rookie mistake.” That means the cum shot we see is his second blast of the session. For his third blast at GayHoopla, you only need to click here to see his first gay fuck facilitated by another hot ass, this one belonging to Alex Griffen.

[Watch Gabriel “Gabe” Jordan at Gay Hoopla]

In the middle slot, Manny from Sean Cody.
straight guys using dildos
Manny is handsome, confident gay guy incredibly comfortable in own hairy skin — and on camera. With a honker of a dick like that, who wouldn’t be? This one is a natural.

straight guys using dildos
“Some days I like to pound an ass.” Manny smirked a bit. “Other days, however, I like to get used like a little slut.” As for today, the little slut used himself with the help of a dildo. Let’s hope next time is both soon and with the real thing.

[See Manny work his big dick and hot ass at Sean Cody]

Taking us home today is Kenneth from ChaosMen.
straight guys using dildos
26-year-old Kenneth is a hot mix of nerves and excitement. You can practically feel his heart pounding all the way down to his dick just by the slight tremble in his voice. He seemed pretty turned on by the fact his girlfriend “absolutely” knew what he was up to and she hopes his next scene isn’t a solo. Safe bet that makes two of them.

straight guys using dildos
Co-starring in this scene is a shiny butt plug that made him into “a happy bottom.” It also made him cum like a geyser.

[Watch Kenneth discover his inner bottom at ChaosMen]

5 thoughts on “Stiff Competition: Gabe, Manny, or Kenneth?”

  1. Manny… Great smile, hairy, ink free, good attitude, great physique, intense cum shot… the list goes on and on. The other guys are hot too. But Manny is a real find.

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