Devin Franco, Theo Brady

Stroke & Poke: Devin Franco & Theo Brady Show Off Their Hot Rods

As it turns out, Devin Franco hasn’t quite yet transformed into a total top, despite the fact that we’ve seen him top, and top, and top, and top yet again recently. And it’s kind of cool to see him be a total cocksucking bottom again—especially when said cock belongs to Theo Brady.

CockyBoys continues its series Go With the Flow, although I get a little confused when they describe it thusly: “Models change up their drab lives with the Go With the Flow line of ‘influencer-formulated,’ AI designed solutions for living a life worth lying about!” Huh? In this episode (called “Can Do Hard Things”), Theo is stroking his big dick while wearing a “Make It Hard” cock ring (so, is this a commercial, like that recent PSA with Joey Mills and Jake Preston?) when his boss Devin walks in and catches him in the act. (We don’t see CockyBoys do these character vignettes much anymore, so it is fun to see.)

Devin Franco, Theo Brady Devin Franco, Theo Brady

Devin Franco, Theo Brady Devin Franco, Theo Brady

Soon, Devin has his lips wrapped around Theo’s hot cock, giving it a nice long suck (one of my favorite sequences here). Theo then returns the favor, sucking Devin’s thick dick back after they show off their tools to each other. Theo also munches on Devin’s ass before fucking him from behind. Devin then gets on his back for more, finally mounting Theo’s rod as the top reaches around to stroke the bottom as he fucks him—flicking his nipple with his other hand at the same time and making him squirt (so hot!), then dumping a load on the Devin’s face.

Devin Franco, Theo Brady Devin Franco, Theo Brady

Devin Franco, Theo Brady Devin Franco, Theo Brady

Do you like seeing Devin be a total bottom again?

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


16 thoughts on “Stroke & Poke: Devin Franco & Theo Brady Show Off Their Hot Rods”

  1. Devin needs to retire as it is really showing in his face and hole. Porn changes handsome to horrid in a short time. He just got too slutty! Sorry Devin but time to move on and let the pretty ones take over.

  2. Theo is hot… but Devin needs to retire his sloppy hole. And those awful facial expressions he makes. Cockyboys must love him, because they are the worst porn site on the planet.

    1. Big Gay Devin-Hungry Andy

      We will just have to agree to disagree on this. Devin Franco is one of my faves. He is very beautiful and one of the most desirable men in porn. Top, bottom, flip-flopping — I’ll take my Deviepoo any way I can get him!!!

  3. Universal Potentate

    I know what Devin is capable of. Seeing 1 penis is his hole is a little underwhelming.
    Seriously though, these two are HAAAAWWWWTTT together.
    But also double fist him.


        I can understand why some may be tired of Devin Franco, however I still find him incredibly sexy and fun to watch. He also looks thicker than usual, which is a very good thing.

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