"It isn't
right or fair that people can keep me from working simply because of a
"gay" issue," says Wild. "If a girl did what we do it would probably be ok  ... and
if a guy does straight porn, he is bragged about.  When I do gay porn,
I feel a bit lynched."

Ironically enough, Wild doesn't even identify as gay. The free-thinking star is married with three kids and uses gay porn to exercise his non-hetreonormative inclinations (he bottoms voraciously) while pulling in extra cash. (Have you seen the price of diapers lately?).

We racked our brains trying to figure out what bearing someone's behavior in the bedroom might have on his ability to stuff meat into a bun, but could only find advantages. And given Wild's excellent on-screen performances as a bottom, we can only think he'd make a great sub.

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