Surprise! People Hate Nick Starr In Seattle, Too

Self-proclaimed social media expert, former fattie, unemployed welfare queen, and The Sword’s favorite “most hated gaylebrity in San Francisco” has left the Bay Area and taken his show on the road! Where in the world has awful Nick Starr gone and what kind of awful things is he doing to turn another city’s entire population against him?

Apparently California’s unemployment benefits finally ran out for Starr, so now he’s set up shop in Seattle to suck from the state of Washington’s teet. Starr, who regularly made local news here in San Francisco for threatening to jump off the Golden Gate and Bay bridges, being racist, and living on the street in an effort to save money for liposuction–all while never being able to find a job!–is now making news for doing the same dumb shit up north.

Nick Starr’s story was published on the local Capital Hill Seattle blog:

Last night I was attacked… viciously…. There were 2 homeless type guys along Pike who were homeless and asked for money; I *mistakenly* said to F off… and they said, “What did you say fag? Say that to my face” and then proceded to follow me…

I cut down the alley which Nighbours is on and they were still following me… I ran across Pine and they caught up with me… They were trying to get me to go back down the alley with them. Punched me in the side and face a few times… I was crying out for help and a couple passed by and the guy stopped for a moment and then continued on. I continued to scream for help and apologize to them, but they were persistant that I go apologize in the alley. I saw an available cab approaching, and ran out into traffic. They followed and punched me in the back of the head to which I fell to the ground (the biggest extent of my visible injuries). I then jumped in the cab and told him to speed away.

Even if this story is accurate (which we know it isn’t), saying “fuck off” to two homeless men means that no one has to feel sorry for you when those homeless men attack you. In fact, people will probably think that you are an asshole, and the homeless men were kind of cool! Of course, Nick Starr is fighting with people in the comments on the CHS article about just how much of an asshole he is, and as of this afternoon, the site actually closed down the comments after Starr threatened to sue individual commenters for libel.

Nick Starr has a really fun life.



28 thoughts on “Surprise! People Hate Nick Starr In Seattle, Too”

  1. He was nice until he put me on blast on fb then block and reported him to fb.
    He may come off nice, but one you do one wrong thing and he fucking freak out and pull a call a cop move on you.
    If you see him on grindr or fb do a instead block and save u time and your life.

  2. The gossip has, at this point, taken on a life far greater than that of the person it’s about. I’m declaring a moratorium. He’s not interesting enough to deserve this kind of attention.

  3. His mom just posted on his facebook that he is alive and is seeking professional medical attention…. we’ll see..

  4. I’ve had the “pleasure” of meeting Nick Starr. Dude is nuts. He made some really odd comments to me about jobs, success and San Francisco start-ups (Did you know Virgin America is still considered a start up? yea.), Seattle has none.
    Anyway, this made my day when a friend posted it. Also we don’t handle crazy people like that up here. Like what @Mike said, please let us returning to passive aggressive bitchery and not this seriously crazy shit.

  5. I’ve been a barfly in Seattle for years. And I have never even heard of this guy. But thanks for the warning LOL.

  6. So other than the welfare running out causing him to move to our city and thus start over with all his amazing *GAG* fun. How does a city exactly get rid of him? Enlighten us please, because we’d like to get back to just dealing with the passive aggressive drama and not his crazy train! Thanks :)

  7. C’mon people, why are you all giving this the time of day. He is just feeding off the attention ignore him and he will no longer get what he wants.

  8. Nick’s only way of coping when his bullshit and lies catch up to him is to threaten suicide and try to overshadow the situation by drawing sympathy to himself since he KNOWS that people will take a claim of suicide seriously (no one wants to be the ‘reason’ someone kills themselves.

  9. He’s an interesting character. I work at a San Francisco and we banned him for calling a black patron the n word. In fact…he had a rep for that here and then running and seeking help after creating the situation. The guy is certainly disturbed. I don’t wish him death, but like criminals are not fit to live among the general population, neither is he. Honestly, every city that he’s lived in that has not taken appropriate action is responsible if anyone gets hurt from his shinanigans. I’d like him to go away….but I’m not wishing death on anyone.

      1. Sounds like classic Nick Starr. He starts fights with people regularly (usually involving some racist or anti-semitic comments) and then proceeds to claim that he’s been the victim of a ‘vicious assault’. He regularly calls 911 here in Seattle when he’s drunk reports these ‘assaults’- police finally got tired of it last night and threatened to make him spend the night in the drunk tank if he didn’t knock it off. His response was to tag himself a bridge on facebook/twitter/foursquare and claim to have jumped off.

        No doubt he’ll surface in a couple days and try to make everyone forget what happened.

  10. Last night he pulled the “im jumping off a bridge” stunt here in Seattle….after having the cops called on him at a club event. some things just never change.

  11. He is now claiming someone attacked him, a former friend and posted on Facebook for everyone to watch out for the guy when the guy never touched him.

    1. I think you’re referring to me. I was never a friend of his. Simple truth is He stated I attacked him unprovoked which is not true. I pushed him away with one hand when I asked him to get away from me and stop screaming four inches from my face. He deems that being attacked and called the police. Then proceeded to warn people to stay away from me via Facebook and twitter. Since this incident I’ve avoided him and he continues to harass me online.

      1. He did the same to me the night before he moved to Seattle. He was harassing my group of friends at The Mix SF and I gently touched his shoulder and asked him to leave. He called that assault and tried to make a citizens arrest. The cops came and issued him a public nuisance receipt which he claimed was my arrest report. He was laughed at by the police and they took my side when they noticed I was sober and coherent, vs. his drooling and drunken state. Didn’t stop him from writing libelous things about me online though. What a shitstain.

  12. As a successful, bigger-than-average gay guy, the term “fattie” is about as unwelcome as the word “faggot” or “retard.” Stay classy.

  13. Oh, another “Cry Wolf” story about Nick Starr..damn, I’m bored. Would have been more interesting if these 2 homeless dudes beat the shit out of him and when he ran into the street, acting like the girlyman he is…it’s really too bad that the cab he(claims)to have hailed…had instead of picking up this lying ass hole..just did the world a favor and ran over this shit head..maybe next time! Damn, I could be reading an obit and the end of Nick Starr..but instead I’m sure I’ll be reading more about him in the near future. DAMN you,homeless dudes and fucking cabby..ya could have been heros

  14. Nick Starr is a FUCKING idiot! If you want to mouth off to a stranger (let alone TWO) you better have some skills to back it up….I live in Seattle and MOST of the “homeless” people of all ages on Capitol Hill (the gay neighborhood in Seattle) are beyond EASY going…all you have to say is “sorry” or even just keep walking and they will do NOTHING…

  15. I live in Seattle and follow him on Twitter and get so sick of his lies and whinning about being broke. Well honey when your a bar fly out every night hitting every bar your gonna be broke. One night he came home drunk apparently and started tweeting how pathetic he was and talking suicide I was like dude you’ve pulled this crap before, you really are pathetic. He needs mental health help bigtime!!

    1. what’s ur twitter name? I’d love for you to join my @GoAwayNickStarr campaign on twitter! :) I agree with you, we’re all sick of his lies, depressing behavior and pure bullshit!

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