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Alam Wernik, Sean Duran

Five Brothers: Family Values Debuts!

April 17, 2019
Five Brothers: Family Values

Sneak Peek: NakedSword’s Five Brothers: Family Values

April 10, 2019

Sean Duran, Blaze Austin

Blackmailing for Raw Workloads

April 4, 2019
Night Riders

Drive Hard with The Night Riders

March 29, 2019

Raging Stallion's The Night Riders comes to a dramatic conclusion with a rousing and frenzied four-way featuring Woody Fox, Riley Mitchel, Sean Duran and Dante Colle.

Dante Colle Joins a 4-Way Sex Ritual in the Rousing, Cum-Soaked ‘Night Rider...

February 7, 2019
Sean Duran keeps Riley Mitchel chained on the floor as he orally devours handsome hunk Dillon Diaz in Scene 4 of The Night Riders from Raging Stallion.

With Riley Mitchel Chained on the Floor, Sean Duran Devours Dillon Diaz

February 4, 2019

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The Most Watched Bareback Scenes Of 2018 Are …

December 29, 2018

If You Thought HustlaBall Frisco Was Wild …

December 19, 2018


Even For Family Dick, Did They Really Cross The Line This Time?

December 13, 2018
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Jacen Zhu & Sean Duran’s Mutual Dick Stuffing Session

September 26, 2018

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9.21.18 Weekend Bareback Playlist

September 21, 2018
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[UPDATED] The Pornhub Awards Winners Are …

September 7, 2018

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Dirty Dozen: mr. Pam’s Director’s Hot List

August 24, 2018
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Dirty Dozen: The 12 Most Watched Bareback Movies On NakedSword

August 15, 2018

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[UPDATED] Brian Bonds & Mason Lear Got Engaged On A Porn Set

August 8, 2018

Woody Fox & Roman Todd Lead The Summer Sex Parade

August 3, 2018


3.9.18: Bareback Weekend Playlist

March 9, 2018

EXCLUSIVE: 5 Things You Don’t Know About Me: Sean Duran

January 23, 2018

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Cum Here Often?

January 3, 2018
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Gay Porn Forecast 2018: New Faces Please

January 2, 2018

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Most Watched Bareback Movies Of 2017

December 28, 2017

12.22.17 Holiday Hardcore Playlist

December 22, 2017

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Cops & Throbbers

October 13, 2017
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Bring On The Working Stiffs: Top Ten Hard Labor Scenes

September 3, 2017

Jaxton Wheeler Sean Duran

Jaxton Wheeler & Sean Duran Are Cumming To Blows

August 1, 2017
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Which Amendment Grants The Right To Suck Cock?

July 28, 2017

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When There’s Something This Big …

July 19, 2017
gay porn star rocco steele

What’s Ten Inches Between Friends?

July 17, 2017

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Now This Is A Real Shooting Match

July 14, 2017

What Really Goes Into Making Gay Porn

July 11, 2017

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Fillers. Breeders. Fuckers. Suckers & Flippers.

July 5, 2017
gaycomicgeek review mxxx hardest ride

The GayComicGeek Review: MXXX: The Hardest Ride

June 23, 2017

mxxx hardest ride nakedsword

Ride Hard & Get Ridden Harder

June 20, 2017
nakedsword originals mxxx hardest ride gay porn

Sneak Peek: “MXXX: The Hardest Ride”

June 16, 2017

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Ride. Breed. Fuck & Flip.

June 16, 2017
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The Full Meal Dick Deal

May 26, 2017

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When “In-N-Out” Applies To More Than Just Burgers

May 12, 2017
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Brent Corrigan & Sean Duran Give Jack Hunter A Real Shocker

February 10, 2017

gay porn star brent corrigan

Brent Corrigan: The Gay Porn Star’s Porn Star & So Much More

January 31, 2017
sean duran rafael lords raging stallion

Sean Duran And His Post-Apocalyptic Dick

January 20, 2017

sean duran tyson glover raging stallion

Tyson Glover Gets Owned By Sean Duran

December 9, 2016

Sean Duran Has A Brand New Name: Husband

December 8, 2016

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Vadim Black Hits Bottom … Again

November 28, 2016
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Lads, A Dad, Diversity, & Bare Dicking

November 10, 2016


It Was A Gay Porn Star Halloween Last Night

November 1, 2016
raging stallion nine baddest hombres

Which Raging Stallion Hombre Is The Baddest Of Them All?

October 21, 2016

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The Top Ten Leather/Fetish Gay Porn Movies

September 22, 2016

How to Gay Away with Murder

May 3, 2016

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Sean is About to Go “Duran, Duran” in Eli Lewis

February 29, 2016
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Even for the Injured, the Hoe Must Go on

February 22, 2016


Watch Sean Duran and Billy Santoro Taunting an Alligator In Florida

June 25, 2015

Is This Peter Fever Scene Sean Duran’s Gay Porn Swan Song?

June 3, 2015


Sean Duran Demonstrates the Double-Ass Pile-Drive on Armond Rizzo and Rafael Lord

May 29, 2015

Exclusive: Sean Duran Taking Unexplained Break From Porn, Adopts Pet Fox

May 15, 2015


Sean Duran Slays Tyson Tyler’s ‘Fuck Hole’ for Raging Stallion

May 8, 2015

In New Scene From Bang Me Sugar Daddy, The Daddy Gets Banged By the Twink?

April 22, 2015


Sean Duran Makes His Bareback Bottoming Debut This Friday On Lucas

April 20, 2015

Are Sean Duran and Bryce Evans Both Now Shooting Bareback For Lucas?

April 1, 2015


It’s Time To Watch Sean Duran and Marxel Rios Share a Hot Poolside Flip-Fuck...

December 29, 2014

A Behind the Scenes Peek at NakedSword’s ‘Bulge,’ Premiering Nex...

December 26, 2014

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