Legrand Wolf

Taking A Look At Legrand Wolf’s Recent Fucks

We don’t know about you, but we’ve been craving some serious daddy dick and to satisfy this hunger for fatherly cock, we’ve decided to turn the proud owner of one of the longest and fattest pieces of meat the gay porn industry has to offer – Legrand Wolf!

For today’s Legrand-centric update, we’re going to be taking a look at some recent scenes from this Carnal+ CEO and performer on sites like FunSizeBoys, MasonicBoys, and BoyForSale where he can be seen using his massive member to dick down hot twinks like Maxx Monroe, Serg Shepard, and our favorite thick dick twink of all time – Cole Blue!

So take a look below at some new Legrand updates and if you want to see even more from this hunk and his impressive hog, be sure to check out the content over on Carnal+!

The Prize

“Cole was both excited and deeply apprehensive to discover that Master Legrand had become his new Master. He nervously entered the hotel room, dutifully dropping to his knees and crawling towards the besuited older man…” [Watch]

Dr. Wolf’s Office

“Serg had heard about Dr. Wolf from a friend of his. In fact, his friend couldn’t stop raving about this “hot doctor” that was allegedly very thorough when it came to check-ups on his patients. Serg got in touch with Dr. Wolf’s office and made an appointment for a physical…” [Watch]

Disciplinary Action

“Grandmaster Legrand smiled as he noticed how the muscles of Apprentice Monroe’s ass clenched as the boy handled each stage of the disciplinary board. Legrand had already put many of his young charges through this, and was happy to have another chance to enjoy this pleasure…” [Watch]


16 thoughts on “Taking A Look At Legrand Wolf’s Recent Fucks”

  1. “Wolf” is perhaps the creepiest guy I’ve ever seen in gay porn. I’m sure he’s only working because he owns the site, much like Duckface Lucas. Wolf’s dick always looks like it just had a chemical peel, probably from fucking too much. Add that to mindnumbingly average looks and his fetish for pulling the balls of guys that look 14 and let’s just say you don’t want to look in his attic or crawlspace.

  2. Legrand Wolf and Cole Blue have done so many scenes together and they are all so hot, but I would love to see Cole working for other studios, he could be a big star!

    1. Legrand is nasty. He looks like a creepy pedophile. And I agree… it’s too bad that Cole Blue got sucked into this carnage. He could have had a great career with other studios.

  3. Nothing like gay porn titles like “Boy for Sale” (and accompanying audio narrative) to reinforce bigots/homophobes/MAGA’s anti-gay and “grooming” slurs about us.

    1. Darling, no matter what we do those people won’t be satisfied until we are erased from the face of the earth.
      That being said, this scenario is just silly at best.

  4. My favorite Carnal+ twink is AUSTIN!!! No matter how much sex he has, he still looks like a sweet, innocent little virgin. I want to taste every part of his body!

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