Talking Dirty With… NYC Drag Star Peppermint

Peppermint‘s star has been on the rise in the past year, winning a Glammy Award for Best Hostess (she hosts a Sunday party at XES, a Monday party at Barracuda and a Wednesday party at Therapy ) and an HX Award for Best Drag Performer.

This Saturday, Peppermint makes her San Francisco debut at Lip Service at the Castro Theatre, where she’ll be performing alongside Deee-Lite’s Lady Miss Kier, Cazwell, Jackie Beat, Heklina and Peaches Christ all to benefit AIDS/Lifecycle teams. BUY TICKETS HERE.

Despite her busy schedule, Peppermint sat down to answer a few questions with The Sword.

Peppermint, photo by Karl GiantWho, besides yourself, is the hottest thing to happen to gay nightlife in NYC in the last few years?
X TUBE! Ha ha! Oh, you meant which person is hot in NYC? Well lemme preface by saying there are SOME who think NYC has lost it’s creativity and flair; I disagree, in fact it’s getting spicier as we speak, and there are LOTS of FAGGULOUS!! (gay and fab, obviously) drag queens and performers. But you have to check out Narcissister whose act is SO INSANE, no one can turn away. She will BLOW YA MIND!!!!!!! But if you miss her show, MINE is just as good! LOL!

What was the first porn you ever saw?

I never really had a lot of porn growing up in a southern Baptist home, but I remember a strange compulsion to stay up LATE night and watch Cinemax and Showtime. I think my first naughty film was Emmanuel Part 28 or something. I was so inspired I’ll soon be releasing a bonus DVD along with my debut album (on Hardcore Glamour Records) out this summer entitled: “Lil Orphan Tranny and the Black Booty Smackdown.”

Who’s your #1 gay porn crush?

Um, not too sure, I guess they change all the time, but it would have to be a toss up between Erik Rhodes and Ricky Martinez [links NSFW!!]. Hell do I have to choose? Maybe they both like trannies! lol!

Who’s your favorite drag performer working now, or who was your drag idol?
I’m really looking forward to performing with Jackie Beat at the AIDS/LifeCycle event on April 25th at the Castro Theatre, and there have been LOTS of great queens who have been making the gay boys laugh while being at the forefront of gay rights. These days (and for the last decade or more) RuPaul is the QUEEN!!! But some of my favorite girls with a little more street cred are probably Sherry Vine and Jesse Volt. They’ve both been workin’ it for years on those streets! I’m talking BOULEVARD REALNESS!!!

Now that Lady Bunny has taken home a GayVN Award for
Best Non-Sex Performance (for Michael Lucas’ Brothers’ Reunion), and now that you’ve been crowned HX’s Best Drag Queen and won the Glammy for Best Hostess, are there any porn producers out there who you’d like to let know that you’re available for casting?
Ha Ha!! I’m not sure I’m ready for a walk on role in a porn flick just yet, for now I think Lady Bunny has got the NON-sexual thing pretty much cornered! LOL!

Photo at right by Karl Giant.


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Peppermint Online
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Lip Service, April 25th, 2009 at the Castro Theatre

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  1. Peppermint has also just been crowned “Queen of Vaccine” by an organization called Project Achieve that funds research for a vaccine to the HIV pandemic. She be taking over as a speaker and host of “Vaccin-o-licious” at Therapy in Hell’s Kitchen.

    Love that Peppermint.

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