Beau Butler, Tarzan Top

Tarzan Top Makes Studio Debut Drilling Beau Butler’s Hairy Ass

We told you a few days about the upcoming duo of sequels to Raging Stallion’s award-winning rugby feature SCRUM and now it’s already time to look at the first scene from the first of these sequels!

The debut scene from SCRUM Balls to the Wall stars Falcon | NakedSword Beau Butler as he undresses in the locker room with teammate Tarzan Top. As you probably could have guessed, the scene quickly heats up as Tarzan strips down, hits the showers, and exchanges some casual cruising looks with his teammate. Beau soon finds himself wearing nothing but a sweaty jock strap as he busts open his furry peach for Tarzan’s XXL slab of schmeat in the middle of the locker room.

This video actually marks the first time we’ve ever seen Tarzan top at a major studio like Raging Stallion. Before this hung hunk’s big Raging debut, you may have known him for his work over on RawFuckClub, his fan pages, or just because he’s rocking one of the biggest cocks in the business today.

Like we previously mentioned, this is only the first scene from the two SCRUM sequels that we’re getting throughout the next couple of months. While SCRUM Balls to the Wall scenes are dropping at Raging Stallion, Hot House is going to be releasing scenes from SCRUM Go Big or Go Home.

The first scene from Go Big or Go Home officially releases in just a couple of days. This upcoming Wednesday, fans will be able to see Roman Todd, one of NakedSword’s most popular models of 2022, play some grab ass and flip-fuck with Tristan Hunter. Check back on The Sword later this next week for some hot clips from that new scene.

Both movies will eventually climax with a hardcore orgy scene between each studio’s rugby team. In the four-part group scene, we’ll get to watch the Raging Stallions get rough with the Hot House Bulldogs all over their musky locker room. Fan favorite actors like Devin Franco, Tristan Hunter, Cole Connor, Drew Valentino, Luca del Rey, Tarzan Top, JJ Knight, and Roman Todd have all been announced as members of what we’re assuming is going to be a jaw-dropping orgy moment.

Beau Butler, Tarzan Top

So what do you think of this new scene with Beau and Tarzan? Do you want to see Tarzan in more scenes from Raging Stallion or Hot House? Are you excited about this giant orgy? Sound off in the comments below with your hot thoughts and be sure to watch this entire debut scene over on Raging Stallion!

[Watch ‘SCRUM Balls to the Wall’ w/ Beau Butler & Tarzan Top]


2 thoughts on “Tarzan Top Makes Studio Debut Drilling Beau Butler’s Hairy Ass”

  1. Tarzan Top? Did he get that from one of those online name generators? Give me a fucking break, This whole project looks like a clusterfuck of has-been and never-will-be with a few rising stars that make more money from Only Fans

  2. So I guess Beau is the welcome matt or should I say welcome ass for debuts. Guess his hole is wide enough for that matt.

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