#TBT: Bel Ami Finally Trots Out 3-Plus-Year-Old Mick Lovell Flip-Fuck With Kevin Warhol That They Teased 5 Months Ago

As far as much of the uninformed porn web is concerned, Mick Lovell is still an active porn star. And despite having retired from shooting porn over three years ago, Bel Ami has saved some special scenes of their towering, big dicked, American blond adonis to dribble out. Could this be the last of them? Probably not!

It’s a flip-fuck with Mick and Kevin Warhol, and sure, it’s hot. They look around at some sites together after first meeting, in Prague, and then they fuck each others’ holes.

This is one of the dozen “new” flip-flop scenes that Bel Ami promised as part of their Summer of Love, which also included this archived three-year-old threeway with Mick, Colin Hewitt, and Ariel Vanean that they released in June.

And, we already saw the teaser shots of this scene with Mick and Kevin back in April — at least Part 2, where Mick fucks Kevin.

But here are some again, and the teaser clip. See the full Part 1 here, where Mick bottoms. Part 2 should be out tomorrow.














[Bel Ami: Mick Lovell and Kevin Warhol]


4 thoughts on “#TBT: Bel Ami Finally Trots Out 3-Plus-Year-Old Mick Lovell Flip-Fuck With Kevin Warhol That They Teased 5 Months Ago”

  1. @TheSword: I agree very much on your positive comments in the text. One small correction though. The intro is not Done in Prague. It’s from Budapest, Hungary. Some very well known tourist sites. The Citadel, The view point close to the Citadel (wonderful panorama over Budapest and the river Donau). Ending with the enourmous St.Stephen (St.Istvan) Bazilika.

    Lastly – I actually believe this scene is 4 years old. But that is a qualified guess I’m not totally sure. My guess is that it’s done on Mick’s 1st visit to Budapest. I believe that was in august 2011. When he met Alex Waters and they later went to the Prague Pride.

    Mick and Kevin are introduced to each other in the scene-intro. That is of course acting, but indicates it’s early in Mick’s time with BA. Mick’s 1st filming of sex scenes in Europe was as far as I know, in may 2011 (Bratislava). And then he must have met Kevin. Mick’s 1st filming with BelAmi was in Australia march 2011.

  2. Thanks for the nice pics. Mick is amazing as always. Love his big broad shouldered body with great abs. The top pic is really cute (the clothed pic).

    Mick shut down his BelAmi-Twitter in february 2013, so it must have been somewhere around that time he left BelAmi. That was actually rather unclear from BelAmi´s side at that time. Mick became silent on Twitter in august 2012 but returned 23 of december the same year. Don´t know if he made any more scenes from august 2012 until he (probably) left around february 2013.

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