teddy torres lorenzo flexx raging stallion

Going Through Security Really Sucks

“What could possibly happen if the two spent hunks get caught with their dicks out and their faces slathered in cum?”

What could possibly happen indeed? But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Teddy Torres is a horny airline passenger who thinks that airports are tea rooms with runways.

Lorenzo Flexx is a baggage handler who comes across Teddy with his dick out by the men’s room.

teddy torres lorenzo flexx raging stallion“Not wanting to pass up an opportunity, Lorenzo does as he’s told and gets on his knees to suck the hairy, uncut cock in front of him. Teddy’s big dick tastes great and feels good sliding down Lorenzo’s open throat. Lorenzo takes care of the passenger, servicing every inch the furry muscle hunk has to offer while making sure to do his job and handle his bag.”

teddy torres lorenzo flexx raging stallionThis explains why it takes so long for our bags to show up on the luggage carousel.

teddy torres lorenzo flexx raging stallionAnd this reaffirms that a man’s tongue has a lot of uses above and below the “Mason-Dickson” line.

teddy torres lorenzo flexx raging stallionTeddy works Lorenzo until he’s ready to blow and the two horny deviants exchange facials and swap cum right in the airport hallway where anyone could catch them in the act.” And that someone proves to be Alex Mecum. Watch this blog.

[Watch Teddy & Lorenzo in “TSA Checkpoint” scene four at RagingStallion]

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