tegan-zayne and sean sevran

Zayne & Zevran: Most Perfect Pairing of 2016?

Raging Stallion just released “Drive Shaft” with Tegan Zayne and Sean Zevran starting things off. Get a cocktail, some lube, and a cum rag. You can skip the drink, but you’ll definitely need the other two.

Another thing you won’t need today is the fast forward button. This scene with Falcon Studios Groups (FSG) exclusives Tegan Zayne and Sean Zevran is twenty minutes of nearly perfect gay porn with two smoking hot men who are even hotter for each other. It’s not often that something makes me forget I work in porn and just become a fan again. This scene did just that.

tegan-zayne and sean sevran
If we have learned nothing else this April, we now know unequivocally that’s you can never get enough Sean Zevran. Even better, it’s the hairy top version that we all lust over. I have been a fan of Tegan Zayne’s since his ChaosMen days. Since being signed by FSG, he’s just gotten hotter and sexier.

tegan-zayne and sean sevran
When Tegan spreads his hairy hole and asked Sean if he, “sees something he likes,” Sean told to stick his fingers inside. Tegan didn’t need to be told twice. When it time to stuff his cock down Tegan’s throat, no asking was required. What spit strings dont’ get lodged in Tegan’s beard hit the floor like a rain shower.

porn star tegan zayne
Tegan quickly finds himself bent over the car with Sean drilling that ass at full speed.

tegan-zayne and sean sevran
Then he’s on his back with Sean pounding until Tegan shoots all over his hairy abs. As for the drink I mentioned at the beginning, might be a good time for it now. Seeing Sean deliver his load right into Tegan’s mouth is liable to make you thirsty.

[Watch Tegan Zayne & Sean Zevran in “Drive Shaft”]

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