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Tegan Zayne Seeds Well In Captivity

His lover wants him back. His captor doesn’t want to let him go. But ultimately, their balls are the boss and their cocks have the final word.

In the beginning, Tegan Zayne was feeling “Trapped” in his relationship with Kurtis Wolfe.

Colby Keller drugged and kidnapped a distraught Tegan, and then he was really “Trapped”. Once Sean Duran and Jason Vario finally finished fucking, they got a clue where Colby stashed Tegan.

Rikk York, Damian Taylor, and Seth Santoro figured out Tegan’s exact location in their train-fuck afterglow.

And now, Kurtis is hot on his trail and hotter for his tale.

tegan zayne colby keller kurtis wolfe raging stallion“The local sheriff and his deputy get a tip on where kidnapping victim, Tegan Zayne, is being held. After investigating, the lead detective lets Kurtis Wolfe know where his boyfriend is staying. Kurtis needs to see Tegan and shows up at the cabin in the woods.”

tegan zayne colby keller kurtis wolfe raging stallionAfter Tegan expresses his concern that he can no longer choose who he loves, Kurtis suggests that they all love each other. And nothing says “we love you” quite like a love tunnel, does it?

tegan zayne colby keller kurtis wolfe raging stallionAfter Colby loosens Tegan and Kurtis up with his fat, probing fingers in both their holes, then slips his cock into Tegan and starts pounding a steady rhythm then slides right into Kurtis without missing a stroke.

tegan zayne colby keller kurtis wolfe raging stallionColby pounds the cum right out of Kurtis, who drops his load on Tegan’s face. After that fresh batch of cum in his mouth, Tegan can’t help let his own cock explode on both Colby and Kurtis. And once Colby gets his mouth drenched, his hoses down Kurtis and Tegan with a load that can’t be held captive, much less “Trapped”.

[Watch Tegan, Kurtis, & Colby in “Trapped” scene six at Raging Stallion]

So, is Colby Keller still trapped by his past?

3 thoughts on “Tegan Zayne Seeds Well In Captivity”

  1. QueerXicanoChisme

    Raging Stallion should be ashamed that they keep hiring colby. I willnot be supporting them or buying from them from here on out. Don’t need my money going to some greedy ignorant trump voter.

    1. Oh shut it we need more websites to respect our free speech and stop trying to push this PC agenda. Nothing wring with this video it’s all HOT, and no brownies or blacks so it’s an A+ in my book.

      1. And you have the right to your opinion, pettroc, even though you don’t think anyone who doesn’t have your white power only view does, Don’t you have some alt-right site to look for rallies to attend instead of coming here to troll like the lone racist voice you are here

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