tegan zayne spencer whitman cumswapping

Tegan & Spencer Go Cum Swapping

For these hairy fuckers, cumming to blows wasn’t enough. It was the sharing of the wealth after that kept them glued together.

Last time, Tegan Zayne was the welcome present for Giovanni Valentino’s first big studio production.

Giovanni was appropriately large and in charge – equal emphasis on both aspects.

Today, Tegan returns for this fourth scene from “Shut Up And Fuck Me” from Raging Stallion.

And Spencer Whitman is the one following orders.

tegan zayne spencer whitman cumswapping“Tegan Zayne’s hard cock is ready for action when he tells Spencer Whitman to ‘get down there’. Spencer does as he’s told and gets down in front of the hairy hunk with his mouth opened wide.”

tegan zayne spencer whitman cumswappingInitially, Tegan was making sure the Spencer sucked it just the way he likes it. Then his cock hungry nature took over and he was the one to drop to his knees and get his mouth busy.

tegan zayne spencer whitman cumswappingOnce Spencer’s fuzzy crotch was slobbery mess courtesy of Tegan’s cock sucking expertise, he jacked his rod until he drops his load in Tegan’s thick scruff.

tegan zayne spencer whitman cumswappingPart one: check. Onto part two. Tegan unleashes a heavy load, slathering Spencer’s face until it was drenched. And then the pair shared the wealth that was indeed good to the last drop.

[Watch Tegan & Spencer in “Shut Up And Fuck Me” scene four from Raging Stallion]


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