tex davidson ace era teddy torres raging stallion

At The End Of The Era

After Teddy Torres and Ace Era got Tex Davidson’s huge dick dripping precum, Tex unleashes the beast on Ace Era in one of Tex’s final scenes.

Jaxton Wheeler had a singular focus in the premier of “Erectus” from Raging Stallion: getting deep inside Teddy Torres as the victor of their sexual grudge match. That reduced Ace Era to just a spectator.

Ace is man who doesn’t want to watch. He wants to be used. Today in the ancient Roman baths, he gets his lusty wish.

If this does indeed prove to be the end of Tex’s era in gay porn, he’s going out with two other hot men and giving Ace a big bang.

tex davidson ace era teddy torres raging stallionTwo hairy men and a smooth, horny blonde. The visual eye candy alone could render you a diabetic. Teddy’s ass was still sore from last week, but one look at Tex’s dick and Ace’s ass, and he got hungry all over again.

tex davidson ace era teddy torres raging stallionWith Ace and Teddy obediently on their knees, Tex took turns plunging in and out of their throats. After fulfilling his oral obligations, Ace turns around and spreads his cheeks. He has two cheeks but only one hole. Tex and Teddy found a way to make that work.

tex davidson ace era teddy torres raging stallionTex mounted Ace like a horse and rode him hard with his horse dick.

tex davidson ace era teddy torres raging stallionFlipped on his back, Ace jerks his cock as Tex pounds heavily against Ace’s prostate. Tex shoots his load across Ace’s dick and balls as Ace simultaneously splatters his cum.

[Watch Ace, Teddy, & Tex in “Erectus” scene two at Raging Stallion]

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