tex davidson fucks lorenzo flexx titan

Tex Davidson’s Nine Real Inches Demolish Lorenzo Flexx

Tex Davidson’s big, spongy dick today is as hard as the concrete he demolishes. And once that is reduced to rubble, he does the same thing to Lorenzo Flexx.

TitanMen exclusive Tex Davidson, who officially, and realistically, measures in at nine inches is both a grow-er and a show-er. But like some of the rare breed of truly hung, it often seems like the elevator never reaches quite reached to top floor to a full mast throbber.

That is not the case today. A lot of that credit goes to co-star and fellow exclusive Lorenzo Flexx and the off-the-charts chemistry between them.

tex davidson fucks lorenzo flexx titanFirst, there was TitanMen exclusive Adam Nero and Bruce Beckham. Then, Dirk Caber and Adam Ramzi. The first two scenes of “Demolition” were back-to-back flip fucks that oozed as much passion as they did cum. But today, Tex has Lorenzo right where he wants him: a hungry, aggressive bottom as hot for a big dick and Tex is for Lorenzo’s beefy ass.

tex davidson fucks lorenzo flexx titanIn a previous life, Lorenzo’s gag reflex must have undergone some “Demolition” of its own. He swallows Tex all the way down to the short and curlies until Tex has given him that third leg to “strand” on.

tex davidson fucks lorenzo flexx titanTex’s tongue digs deep enough inside Lorenzo’s hole to set a foundation for their next job. And then his cock takes it further in.

tex davidson fucks lorenzo flexx titanThe intensity between Tex and Lorenzo is that rare flash of the organic primal. Organic because it can’t be scripted. Primal because neither of their cocks ever stop twitching today until they blast their nuts. And even then …

[Watch Lorenzo Flexx & Tex Davidson in “Demolition” scene three]

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