tex davidson fucks luke adams titanmen

“Damn. Your Dick Is Bigger Than Uncle Tony’s”

Luke Adams asks if he can call him, “Uncle Tex.” But it’s Tex Davidson’s big, fat cock that really makes Luke “Say Uncle”.

The family reunion of Luke Adams and Uncle Tony in the first scene of “Say Uncle” resulted in two of the most incredible cum shots in a single scene captured in quite a long time.

Those plumb, oh so fuckable rounds curves of Luke Adams’ ass make him every dad’s favorite lad.

Today, that list grows to TitanMen exclusive Tex Davidson.

tex davidson fucks luke adams titanmenThe feeling is mutual. There’s one thing about our boy Luke that Adam Ramzi, Dirk Caber, and of course, Anthony “Uncle Tony” London already know firsthand. Luke has a particular fondness the touch of the hairy, scruffy, experienced man. Tex is about to find out something else. If Luke ever had a gag reflex to begin with, better put it on a milk carton because its gone missing.
tex davidson fucks luke adams titanmenAs it turns out, Tex is business partners with Luke’s Uncle Bruce, as in Bruce Beckham. That means we’re back on a construction site today. It seems the plumbing hasn’t been hooked up yet but the same can’t be said for Luke and Tex.
0-adamsdavidsonLuke couldn’t push that bucket out of the way fast enough to get on his knees. All Tex had to do was stand there and enjoy the view. Luke skull fucked himself right down to Tex’s balls.
tex davidson fucks luke adams titanmenTex takes his own lunch break in Luke’s hole next. Then his dick takes a tour to see what Luke had for dinner the night before.
tex davidson fucks luke adams titanmenA boy can only take so much pounding before he explodes all over himself. And we all learn something else here too: Uncle Tex loves the taste of Luke’s cum just as much Uncle Tony did. If not more.

[Watch Luke Adams & Tex Davidson in “Say Uncle” scene four]

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