tex davidson fucks luke adams

On The Job Training

Considering Luke Adams is getting vocation instruction from Tex Davidson and his fat, uncut nine inches, I sure hope he’s ready for the advanced course.

Directed by none other than Joe Gage, also known as Santa at TitanMen, is back with their second scene from their special Yuletide production, “West Texas Park & Ride”.

Last week, it was TitanMen exclusive Matthew Bosch having an early white Christmas thanks to a cum shower from Dakota Rivers.

Today Luke Adams gets his own taste of the holidays courtesy of Tex.

tex davidson fucks luke adams“‘Look, kid, you were hired to set up the security system,’ advises businessman Tex Davidson when young Luke Adams arrives. ‘Now take off your pants.’ Hesitant at first, Luke can’t resist when he watches Tex whip out his monster cock.”

tex davidson fucks luke adamsWho needs twelve drummers drumming when all you need is one Tex Davidson carrying a bigger stick then all of them combined?

tex davidson fucks luke adamsThe name of the movie may be “West Texas Park & Ride”, but there’s a lot more riding than parking going on.

tex davidson fucks luke adamsTex flips Luke onto his back and the force of his thrusts have Luke’s dick jumping handsfree. Once Luke gets his hands involved, his cum starts flying. Tex’s blast, however, is much more focused: part of this course is learning to take it on the chin. And down the throat. Class dismissed.

[Watch Luke & Tex in “West Texas Park & Ride” scene two at TitanMen]


4 thoughts on “On The Job Training”

    1. Fat Tummy? Seriously dude, you are not a chubby chaser. You are just another attention whore troll making asinine comments.

        1. So, you come in here and try to fat shame Luke Adams then come back and deflect in all caps – which is par for the course when an attention-seeking troll like you gets called out on his crap.

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