tex davidson fucks micah brandt

Killing Me Softly With His Dong

“Fuckin wreck me!” is what Micah Brandt said after seeing Tex Davidson’s dangling dong in the police locker room. But Tex had already seen Micah’s world-class ass and he had the same idea.

Police chief Dallas Steele ordered in “Internal Affairs” to get to the bottom — no pun intended — of the “shenanigans” happening in his precinct.

But once he spied on officers Micah Brandt and Tex Davidson on his secret security cam in this second scene from “Bad Cops 2” from TitanMen – he needed to do the same thing you will: take matters into your hands.

tex davidson fucks micah brandtMicah Brandt knows a thing or two about wrecked holes. I still marvel at that time he turned on David Benjamin’s hole into lunchmeat when he channeled his inner-top. He’s all bottom today and the lucky recipient of one of Tex Davidson’s last anal invasions on film. Though truth be told, Tex is pretty damn lucky himself.

tex davidson fucks micah brandtMicah gets his skull fucked in a frenzy of gulps and grunts. But after Tex laps up the center of Micah’s ass, he went all the way to the balls in one long steady push.

tex davidson fucks micah brandt“You’re gonna fucking kill me with that,” applies to both the twerking skills of Micah as he takes a ride as well the realities of Tex and those nine, uncut inches he carries around without a concealed weapons permit.

tex davidson fucks micah brandtAnd they fire their weapons back to back. First, Micah explodes while Tex is buried inside and playing his prostate like a set of bongo drums. And while Micah is still dripping in his own juice, Tex fires off his encore.

[Watch Micah & Tex in “Bad Cops 2: Internal Investigations” at TitanMen]

Tex and Micah sure wear their police garb well. Do men in uniforms turn you on?


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