Texas College Conservatives Lose Their Shit Over Anal Play Video

The thumbnail on your left is about as pornographic as the below video gets, but that’s not stopping Texas A&M’s “Aggie Conservatives” from trying to shut down the college’s GLBT group that screened it.


A conservative group is breathlessly circulating an amateur video of gay sex at Texas A&M. This isn’t a Log Cabin situation: The clip was shot undercover in an optional on-campus “safe and fun sex” presentation. The event was arranged by the university’s GLBT Resource Center and featured sex therapist Cay Crow giving advice on “butt play,” at times with the aid of some pornographic images and video clips. Texas Aggie Conservatives (TAC) is promoting the video like it landed a big scoop.

The Aggies are claiming that the GLBT group’s seminar was taxpayer funded (the GLBT group denies this) and are asking you to sign a petition against “Institutional Funding Bias.” They go on to warn viewers about how “graphic” the insanely boring tape is, which proves to me that (surprise!) yet another conservative group is more interested in making people disgusted by the premise of gay sex and motivated by homophobia than protesting something, in this case a misuse of tax dollars, that’s actually unfair.

I feel bad for the gay kids at this school, who are now being used by Fox News and other conservative media to show how “extremely graphic” and “controversial” gay sex is. (By the way, don’t straight people do butt sex, too?) That said, if you’re in college and you don’t know how to stick a finger in someone’s ass, you’ve got bigger things to worry about than whether or not your GLBT group is going to be shut down.

Here’s the “NSFW” video that was shot by an undercover conservative, who has no doubt fapped to this 10000000 times:


5 thoughts on “Texas College Conservatives Lose Their Shit Over Anal Play Video”

  1. Ridiculous. Just a week or two ago the A&M Student Senate introduced a bill that would cut the GLBT Resource Center’s funding in half in order to provide equal funding to a group that promotes “Traditional Family Values.” The student body president vetoed the bill after we all protested and now they are pulling this shit just to try and cut out our funding.

    1. @jeremy Don’t you it was just a tad unwise to put on this presentation featuring x-rated action when they have the Texas legislature breathing down their necks ready to pull the plug? At the very least it shows a supreme lack of common sense. This little stunt could well cost you not only your funding, but more importantly, has given the wingnuts in Austin just the ammunition they need.

      1. Oh yeah, I definitely agree with you. I didn’t even know about it till I read this post. That really wasn’t a smart move at all. But I still don’t agree with the Aggie Conservative group’s reaction to it at all. They are just trying to find any way possible to cut the funding and promote their homophobic attitudes

      2. Former AIDS / Safer-Sex educator here. That someone is going to freak out over this stuff is just not a good reason to deny information to folks, especially to those folks who really need the information. Wingnuts’ panties bunch-up when gays breathe air. The information provided by presentations like this help save lives. No doubt there are quite a few students in that conservative group who’ve never heard much in the way of harm reduction information. If this helps any of them not get infected while pulling a chain in a men’s bathroom somewhere, the greater good was done.

      3. It wouldn’t matter if it were a g-rated safe sex lecture, with cartoon banannas and condoms. Any endorsement of sex outside of the norm would have been treated in much the same manner. (When I was in college, we had a similar kerfluffle over money spent for a girl-on-girl sexuality lecturer. And respectable sex educators like Tristan Taormino are turned away from campuses because they produce porn on a regular basis.) So, basically, what Jody said.

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