Thank God: No Gay Weddings On ‘Today’

After all the whining last June, Today gave in to GLAAD and allowed gay couples to submit applications for this shit show, even though gay marriage isn’t legal in New York, where the ceremony will take place. Producers narrowed down the list of applicants, and Today viewers will now vote for the eventual winners, who’ll be married live on teevee. How romantic.

Why do media companies keep placating GLAAD? It might be wishful thinking on my part, but if everyone just ignored them, they’d eventually cease to exist. Then again, maybe I’m not giving NBC enough credit. Today they announced the four finalist couples, none of which are same-sex. And if you think telling GLAAD that gays were welcome to compete with the intention of never picking a gay couple to be a finalist wasn’t NBC’s plan all along…think again. By agreeing to play along, they got GLAAD to shut up for a couple of months.

On the other hand, GLAAD is a lot of things, but they aren’t this stupid. They had to know that a gay couple wouldn’t be selected as a finalist. So, it’s self-fulfilling victimization, of course. Gays gets “shut out,” as the headline to an Advocate article reads, and GLAAD gets to release another weepy statement. It’s like clockwork:

“GLAAD, along with thousands of community members and allies called on the Today Show to provide the same opportunities to celebrate our relationships,” GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios said in a statement. “NBC and the Today Show listened, opening the Modern Day Wedding Contest to same-sex couples. While it is disappointing that there are no same-sex couples among the finalists this year, we know that as our community continues to be vocal and submit stories of our love and commitment, future contests will truly be ‘modern.’ Media have a responsibility to include LGBT people, and we will keep urging NBC and its news and entertainment programs to showcase the diversity of our community.”

Say a gay couple had been selected as a finalist and, undoubtedly, didn’t end up with enough viewer votes to win the televised wedding. Isn’t being rejected by a handful of NBC producers in the first round (as all the gay applicants were) less humiliating than being rejected by an untold number of slobs in their underwear? Is that really what GLAAD wanted? Strangers voting on whether or not two gay people can get married?

0 thoughts on “Thank God: No Gay Weddings On ‘Today’”

  1. GLAAD has really become the new PETA. Besides, if the train wreck in the picture is any indication of the type of couple NBC would’ve selected than “Thank God” is right! Maybe GLAAD can just bend over and take this one without crying about it, wishful thinking.

  2. It just all made me think of AbFab where all the girls are out to dinner and Eddie voice-overs: “It was our Ladies Night. Which is frankly every night because none of us ever has a man.” I predict the only idiots voting for this ridiculousness are lonely shut ins who live vicariously through shit like this and they just have nothing to do before the next “Twilight” movie.

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