Thanksgiving Family Fuck: Which Number Do You Want To Be?

Hey, you dick pigs! It’s about time to ask you Which Number Do You Want To Be? That’s right, we’re going to ask you which sexual positions you would want to take over if you could magically insert yourself into this week’s newest gay orgy scene.

This week’s group fuck comes from the folks over at Gaycest. They’re fucking around on the same couch as last week’s TwinkTop fuck fest (oh, to be that couch) for a hot Thanksgiving bareback fuck session. The group consists of Cole Blue, Felix Kamp, Killian Knox, Matthew Figata, and Jack Andram – aka, a bunch of Gaycest favorites that you’ve cum to know and love.

Take a look below at our perverted polls and be sure to watch this entire scene over at Gaycest. Sign up now to take advantage of their Black Friday sale and get 50% off your membership!

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TheSword | Which Number Do You Want To Be


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Family Fuck: Which Number Do You Want To Be?”

  1. The very premise of this “series” crosses the line for me; can’t and won’t watch it or otherwise patronize it. For me, we’re talking pathology, not “entertainment.”

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