That Brent Corrigan Rentboy Profile Was Fake

It looked real (and it had his real phone number), but there can only be one Brent Corrigan, and he’s not on Rentboy. An email obtained by The Sword from Brent Corrigan/Sean Lockhart to talent manager David Forest:

The ad is an impostor – someone who knows me or has my number has added it. I am working on getting the post taken down.

So, anyone can post anyone’s photos and anyone’s real phone number on an escort website. Wonderful. If I hadn’t brought attention to it, how long would the profile have stayed up? Doesn’t Rentboy have better security measures in place to prevent fraudulent accounts from being opened, by way of some sort of verification process? Ridiculous!

11 thoughts on “That Brent Corrigan Rentboy Profile Was Fake”

  1. As said guess some oler daddies are attracted to him, i never was though he could bottom as the best and in some scenes he was sort of hot, he should get a real job and get on with life

  2. Someone uploaded a pic of Prince Harry’s bottom to last week when he was visiting Las Vegas. …Palace officials refused to comment

  3. writes: The ad was real, we confirmed the credit card belonged to the advertiser. It is our policy not to give out information about advertisers real names, but in this case, the credit card used to pay for the ad was under the model’s legal name and the billing address was confirmed by his credit card company. has never commented on the ad until now, but we believe the model or his agent may be pulling a publicity stunt, obviously timed to coincide with fund-raising for his new video project. The advertiser logged in from an easy-to-trace IP address and turned off his ad as soon as it achieved notoriety. As the director of, I investigated the ad immediately when it came to our attention.

    Big eye roll,


    Sean Van Sant
    Director of

  4. More likely someone with an ax to grind in hopes of causing embarrassment or worse. Where was Jayden (I started in the biz as Grant’s attempt to get back at Brent but I never really panned out so I’ve had a chip on my shoulder ever since) Grey while this was happening?

  5. That means no one actually called for private meeting

    If it was The Sword posting that first alerted him

    Or will someone be ballsy enough to say … yea i booked him… and it WAS him.

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