That Coffee Table Book That Simon Dexter Was Promised?

The one that Simon Dexter said he thought he was shooting two years ago (but then later claimed that because some of the photos from the shoot showed up on a pay site, the photographer was in “violation of our agreement and my trust and is HIGHLY UNPROFESSIONAL”)?

It’s finally here, and it’s appropriately titled Naked. Looks like he didn’t make the cover, though.

9 thoughts on “That Coffee Table Book That Simon Dexter Was Promised?”

  1. Posing and posturing are two different words… a poser is still a poser… going around using people and then slagging them about money is just that… a beggar and then a poser.

  2. I support Simon Dexter. For being different, he’s slavic, its a nice change. I personaly tire of seeing all these same looking generic anglos in the porn world need to get more variety from other white groups.

  3. I don’t see the appeal of this guy at all. His face is oddly shaped and his body is gangly. His cock is ugly too.

  4. Dexter is a keychain of a man anyway. Not that good looking and in person, extremely slight. One of the less masculine guys I’ve had the pleasure of being around.

  5. It was left on a sour note because Simon is a total sleaze who tried to extort money from Dylan and when Dylan wouldn’t give him any more than he had already been paid, Simon tried to destroy Dylan’s reputation by lying about what the actual understanding was and the fact that he had signed a release letting Dylan do whatever he wanted with the images.

    Once Dylan released the release, trannie-loving Simon had to retract (sorta) his claims and they made nice (sorta).

    People are taken by Simon’s hotness, but if they knew him the way many of us do, they’d know he makes Michael Lucas look like Mother Teresa. He’s a creep and just thinking about him gives me a rash.

    1. “Tranny-loving” Why you gotta diss the trannies? Simon seems like an opportunist to me and naturally I always have a bit of schadenfreude for them.

    2. Seems that Simon Dexter is followed by quite a trail of negative comments and accounts of pretty despicable behavior. You’d think he’d realize that and get his act together. Excepting his porn stint at Sean Cody, I don’t think the guy has earned an honest dollar a day in his life.

  6. I don’t know if it’s the earthy toned color light scheme of most of Dylan’s pictures, but I respond positively to (= like) his pictures. I think it’s very unfortunate that Simon and Dylan left their collaboration on a sour note.

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