That’s Not The Way, Son. Let Me Show You.

Jacking off is perfectly natural. Even a mom will tell you that. But on this occasion, a dad decides taking matters into his own hands would make for a better life lesson.

Family Dick.

Some hate to love it.

Others love to hate it.

Then there are those who can’t resist the taboo of it all and watch every scene.

This is for them.

gay porn star kory houston“John (Marcus Ryan) knows that his stepson (Kory Houston) is getting older and having urges he can’t control”.

gay porn star kory houston“In fact, he loves knowing that he’s stroking his big dicks!”

gay porn star kory houston“And while he knows that it’s perfectly normal, he wants to make sure Kory understand how much better it can be with another person”.

gay porn star kory houston“The handsome older daddy catches his boy jerking off again and again.”

gay porn star kory houston“And finally steps in to show him how it feels when it’s someone else’s hand!”

[Watch Kory & Marcus in “My Boy’s Bad Habit: Chapter One (Habitual Masturbator)” at Family Dick]


2 thoughts on “That’s Not The Way, Son. Let Me Show You.”

  1. No, No, No, NO, NO, NO, NO!
    Dad/Son sex is incest. Promoting incest may comer ony from stupid and criminal studios.
    No, no, no, no, NO, NO, NO.

  2. So…

    I think if this were the daddy/son lifestyle, IE the dom dad/sub son that is part of the normal bdsm lifestyle; it wouldn’t be as popular. So they have to veil it in the incestuous way…which I don’t actually mind because I don’t look at it that way. Just the normal dad/son, non-related consenting adults part. It’s fantasy. I don’t think anyone actually hates it, they just take it too seriously; it’s fantasy, porn.

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