The 10 Most Over-The-Top Scenes Of 2021 (So Far!)

We all know that is absolutely ridiculous and probably pushes out a good 99% of the “OMG WTF” gay porn content that we regularly see, so that’s why for today’s perverted list, we’re going to dive into the most outrageous scenes the studio has dropped since the start of the year.

These scenes involve screaming wives giving birth, screaming grandmas holding fake dicks, giant dildo exercise balls, robbers that are DTF, and every other over-the-top plotline you can think of. They all start with some dumb plot and usually lead into some pretty hot sex between some of the industry’s biggest stars.

Take a look at the list below and be sure to let us know what you think down in the comments. Which scene is your favorite? Did we forget to list a specific scene? Do you actually enjoy these scenes? Sound off below and be sure to watch all of these full videos right now over at Sign up for the site right now and take advantage of their Flash Sale.

10. Mask For Mask

Featuring: Joey Mills, Chris Damned
That awkward moment when you forgot to wear a mask in the coffee shop and accidentally expose your hard cock! [Read our original write-up] [Watch]

9. Big Fuck-Up in the Kitchen

Featuring: JJ Knight, Jack Hunter, Chris Damned
Sometimes the best part of a dinner party is sneaking off into every single goddamn room of someone’s house to have sex with every single straight guy that’s at the party. If your bro’s wife isn’t catching you guys fucking in the bathroom, then is it even a real dinner party?! [Read our original write-up] [Watch]

8. Gawkers Uncut

Featuring: Thyle Knoxx, Sean Peek, Malik Delgaty, Dex Parker
This scene isn’t really that ridiculous. It’s mostly just dumb as fuck. After Sean and Dex pop out of the closet, they come across Thyle, Malik, and their giant dildo exercise ball. It’s now up to Malik to use his slab of man cock to penetrate all of the boys and their hungry, hungry holes. [Read our original write-up] [Watch]

7. Layover My Dick – Part 2

Featuring: Joey Mills, Reese Rideout
I don’t know what airport these men are in that they’re able to have this much sex out in the open, but I want to go there. An empty airport plus a side of bareback action? Sounds like the perfect start to a vacation to me. [Read our original write-up] [Watch]

6. Robbed and Cuck’d

Featuring: Nate Grimes, Michael Boston
This is a scene we missed talking about when it originally dropped, but wow! What the fuck is going on in this video?! After finding a robber in his home, Michael starts fucking him and then handcuffs his boyfriend to their bed so he’s forced to watch the robber bareback his man’s giant booty. [Watch]

5. Subway Stories – Part 3

Featuring: Michael Boston, Kyle Connors, Chris Damned
Oh no! Michael’s thick ass just got stuck in the subway doors! Now Kyle and Chris are at both ends of this bent-over bottom boy and we’re left wondering what is going to happen next! In seriousness though – the setup for this scene is ridiculous, but if we’re just looking at the sex, this is probably one of my favorite scenes of the year. [Watch]

4. Birthday Bang: Bareback

Featuring: Markus Kage, Ryan Jacobs
There’s no better way to celebrate your son’s birthday than by stripping him down in the kitchen, blasting his boy hole, and then beating the shit out of your family with a pinata stick until they’re all passed out on the floor. [Read our original write-up] [Watch]

3. It’s A Boy!

Featuring: Malik Delgaty, Benjamin Blue
So all of the videos on this list are pretty out there, but the top three are in a league of their own ridiculousness and this video of Benjamin shitting out a dildo for a grandma to sit on pretty much solidifies why these videos should be considered extra outrageous. [Read our original write-up] [Watch]

2. The Preggo & The Boys

Featuring: Alex Mecum, Malik Delgaty
When I tell you I screamed watching this scene for the first time. Literally who the fuck approved this? Who wrote it? Why did they write it? Are they okay? Can someone take them to jail?! I need to know who asked for a scene that has an expecting father fucking his wife’s OBGYN while the wife is in labor! [Read our original write-up] [Watch]

1. Catering To The Caregiver

Featuring: Ryan Jacobs, Finn Harding, Tanner Hall
I literally thought that could never top themselves after dropping that last video… But then this video came out! It’s just a casual scene about a man and his boyfriend visiting his next-to-death father and being distracted with how hot the caregiver is. When they want to get it on, what do they do? Obviously, they push the ill father to the side and have a threesome on his literal deathbed! Duh! [Read our original write-up] [Watch]


8 thoughts on “The 10 Most Over-The-Top Scenes Of 2021 (So Far!)”

  1. Bir8ng boron boring pornstars at Men! They either top or bottom. Ones like Diego Sands need to stop trying to show how manly they are and bottom. After after all he acts like a big girl most of the time off screen.

    1. Christian Labeaux

      None of these tickle my fancy and some of these porn performers are truly ones I don’t care for in the slightest and have done things I find repugnant.
      The less campy scenes have been some of my faves, both in story and performances.

    2. If there’s a studio that need to be shut down it’s Sean Cody. They’ve become really trashy and underhanded in terms of the ‘deals’ they offer.

  2. I’m lovin #2, #3, #8. What do they have in common? Porn muscle god Malik Delgaty taking 5 different hotties to pound town.

    1. Screw Malik Delgaty. He is as boring as expired moldy white bread. Only fucks doesn’t suck shows he is not even gay but a pyscho nut bag!

      1. I don’t want to “screw Malik Delgaty.” I want that muscle god to screw me. If I’m looking for a boyfriend, Malik isn’t on my list. If I’m looking for a hot guy just to take me to pound town Malik is at the top of my list followed by Cade Maddox, Arad Winwin, Shane Cook, River Elliot. Daddy Cream, Colton Reece, Barron of CF and Jax, Jeb and Lachlan of SC in that order.

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