The 5 Most Important Jake Steel Movies You Must See Before You Die

Twink turned twunk turned hunk Jake Steel has been making porn for almost four years (that’s 40 years in gay porn time), but he’s never received the kind of attention that someone as hot and slutty as he deserves…until now. As hard as it might be to pick only five of his best scenes, here are Jake Steel’s five best gay porn scenes of all time.

In case you missed it yesterday, Jake Steel is in the new CockyBoys Halloween movie, and his appearance there is what prompted this trip down memory lane. Going all the way back to where he first started in 2009, here’s one of his first scenes ever on

[ Carter Nash Fucks Jake Steel]

There is no gay porn challenge too big for Jake Steel. Who else in gay porn would be able to deal with a blindfolded James Jamesson?

[NextDoorBuddies: James Jamesson Fucks Jake Steel]

This one with Troy Collins is good for a lot of reasons, but mainly because they look like they could be brothers?

[Hot House: Troy Collins Fucks Jake Steel]

Here’s Jake at his sluttiest. He easily seduces Landon Conrad, who in turns gives him the fuck of his career.

[Falcon: Landon Conrad Fucks Jake Steel]

Finally, the best of everything Jake Steel. Deep-throating one of the biggest dicks in gay porn, bottoming, topping, swallowing, everything. Jake Steel does it all, and always does it the best.

[Lucas: Jake Steel & Hot Rod Flip-Fuck]


20 thoughts on “The 5 Most Important Jake Steel Movies You Must See Before You Die”

  1. gotta love the “flakiest escorts ever” comment … Maybe he is worth it, maybe not I wouldn’t know but I doubt you were complaining and or burning up the sheets yourself in bed.

  2. Yesss two Jake Steel posts in a week now if only Zach would get a few pics of him all this would have been worth it. Not that I am complaining. And this maybe totally random but where or what the hell happened to Roman Heart ? Talk about a disappearing act. It seems that not too long after the raging falcon merger he was around for a small handful of movies and has vanished. Just curious.

    1. Somebody read my mind. I’ve been muttering to myself all week, appropriate or not: “Skinny bitch needs to eat a SANDWICH, goddammit.”

  3. Since this is the only posting referencing Micheal Lucas studio, I’m going to lob a complain against him on here.

    The sword decided to post a link to an op ed piece where Lucas defends his political opinions, views on government, and taxes(a cheap whore, who doesn’t want to pay into them), and asks why the community doesn’t accept diverse views on matters? Yet, this individual has a history of intolerance towards diverse opinions when it relates to his own political views…um, Pot calling kettle?

    See link: Does ‘Gay Inc.’ Believe in Free Speech?,

    What a hypocrite! I couldn’t care less about the West Bank or Israel–I’m an actual atheist. I just don’t like someone feeding me bullshit… and Lucas has heaping piles of it.

    Also, the fact that he brings his partners political life into the op ed piece is even worse. Don’t people read the village Voice for it’s articles? WTF!

    The Village Voice must be hiring this douche for the shit talking that only get people interested in reading that garbage.

    1. Keep your political bullshit to yourself! This is a porn blog, not a session at the United Nations. No one gives a damn unless it makes you cum.

  4. I can’t really your tone in this blog post. I know you’re not always a shit head but are you being serious?

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