‘The Daily Show’ Comes To Mr. S Leather

In a segment set to air tomorrow night, Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones visits popular leather store Mr. S to find out what San Francisco’s leather gays are up to.

Mr. S:

A few weeks ago, the crew from Comedy Central’s The Daily Show came into visit the Mr. S Leather store here in San Francisco. Evidently, the gay magazine The Advocate had ranked San Francisco #11 in the USA in their list of the gayest cities. San Francisco #11…what the fuck is that about? Well to prove that San Francisco deserves better then eleven, Jason Jones came to SF to prove that SF is still pretty fucking gay.

Taking a list that The Advocate published seriously is just silly, but if it’s an excuse to get Jones–whom I’ve always thought was hot while fully clothed, so it’s no surprise that the show sent him–in a jock and a sling, that’s great. The segment is scheduled for tomorrow’s (Tuesday, March 29th) episode of The Daily Show.

4 thoughts on “‘The Daily Show’ Comes To Mr. S Leather”

  1. And at the moment that top picture was taken, all the fellows with the daddy issues felt their little bottoms start tingling simultaneously. (I may be fanning myself with the Sunday Circulars from the newspaper, too.)

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