Exclusive: The End Of Jake Cruise?

Multiple sources have confirmed to The Sword that at least one site from Jake Cruise Media (and arguably the most popular of the three), CocksureMen.com, has ceased production indefinitely. One insider emails: “They’ve let all of their staff go except one person to maintain the website…one cameraman just applied at Raging Stallion, and the ‘Jake Cruise Ranch’ is up for sale.”

The Sun Valley ranch is in fact for sale, and it’s listed at $989,000. With six bedrooms, two full baths, three quarter baths, and sitting on nearly five acres, that’s a steal! Especially for gay porn fans who might find sentimental value in living in the same house where Leo Giamani, Patrick Bateman, and Jeremy Bilding filmed “Summer Bareback Orgy“!

Another trusted source called in yesterday to confirm what he called “a re-tooling” of Jake Cruise Media, and revealed that “Jake still has his apartments, so he’ll still be able to shoot when he decides to start again. They’re just taking a break.”

Furthering confirmation, Jake Cruise Media employee and director Jasun Mark wrote on his blog yesterday that he was “working on something new.” (Given his recent turn in front of the camera as an unlikely performer, maybe that’s what he’s working on?)

CocksureMen.com probably has enough content pre-filmed to keep debuting “new” scenes for at least a couple of months, so there’s no reason to cancel your memberships just yet.



23 thoughts on “Exclusive: The End Of Jake Cruise?”

  1. Cocksuremean was a good site, and had some hot talent film some equally hot scenes. I never was interested in seeing Celine Dion’s husband tho fuck hot studs.

  2. Sad to see Cocksuremen possibly closing down. For the most part, I liked the site’s content, and the fact that Jake was not on it was a definite plus. Jasun Mark, I believe is shooting/directing for Cockyboys now, but I’m not sure if that’s part-time or full-time. I can only hope Jake’s onscreen presence will be at an end, but somehow I seriously doubt it. It’s the only way for him to have sex with hot guys on camera so that we all pay for it.

  3. When I shot for CocksureMen there was a massive and noisy construction project going on down the street from him that was interfering with his shoots. He may just be looking to relocate.

  4. there were some strange movements lately but i didn’t think they were about to shut down…i also don’t understand how jasun mark is arrogant,i mean he never came across as such and was always pretty interesting talking with him besides being pretty kind and funny or maybe i’m a cunt as well lol.i hope he starts his own company or move to a new studio.

  5. From the Zillow records, it appears this is the 5th time in 3 years he has put it up for sale and the price keeps dropping.


    The Zillow estimate has the home valued at $964K which is $25k less then what he has it listed for and not much more then what he paid for it back in 2006. It’s cheap for LA real estate but not cheap enough. Sun Valley isn’t really a hot or desirable area to live in the LA area. The LA real estate market is shit right now and people that have $1 million to spend on a house aren’t going to buy in Sun Valley, the flood capital of Southern California.

    Jasun once wrote that the straight scenes they do roll out much quicker after filming then the gay ones do. That makes me wonder if their straight site will be the first to stop updating, other then putting out some of the solo scenes. I guess the “Jake Cruise apartment” is the one that has the dreary gray walls and the cheap furniture.

  6. It is sad. This was one of my favorite sites. No offense to Jake but I appreciated that he was not in front of the camera on this site. Jasun also was a good spokesperson for the company. He made the site seem personable and not off putting like say Sean Cody. Of the three sites, I’m surpassed it is this one that couldn’t make a go of it.

  7. HalfManhalfBearhalfPig

    uh :( This is sad!! COcksure Men was a very good site !! Jakecruise never appeared on it ( that was the reason of its creation , to make a distinction with the original jakecruise.com) . I m shocked I thought business was good for Jake and his team but I guess I was wrong :/

  8. Because of the stories here, I was curious about that site that bashed gay pornstars. One of the first things I read there was a very cruel post about an older gay porn producer who pays hot young men to bareback with him on camera under the falsehood that he’s HIV-. It said things would all come to a head soon when people started finding out his real status. Praying this has nothing to do with that.

  9. When it’s so easy to get free porn these days, it ain’t surprising that studios are losing the funds to maintain business.

  10. ….to a degree Jake was a hero to me….average, not very attractive but got to fuck around with some of the hottest cock and ass around. Lucky bastard!

  11. God dammit! Now what are my plans for retirement? I luuuuved that business model. Though I would have worn a face mask.

  12. Jake Cruise was the site that was first and through that success Cocksure and SG4GE were able to be created. I like both Cocksure and SG4GE it seems to me they were doing gr8 before Jasun became the mouth piece for the company. Many people got turned off by his arrogant and dismissive attitude. How much better he was for knowing porn performers and how Jake Cruise had a mansion and so on. I have never seen any company or spokesperson for a porn company be so contemptuous and off putting.

    Once, They lost Kevin Crows and Robert Axel as exclusives i knew they were going downhill…. FAST. Also, the fact that they were hiring more and more models closer to Jake’s age for Cocksure was a move in the wrong direction. Sorry to see that they are in this mess but Jake should have reined Jasun in a longtime ago.

    1. I guess Jasun Mark is handsome if you like that type. He sure as hell isn’t my type and I think he’s nasty. Tho, I must admit to being biased as I agree with everything you said.

    2. I knew once they quit the bareback stuff the site’s days were numbered. The feable attempt to respond to the market by offering bareback content again was a last ditch effort. It failed.

      Oh, and looking at the MLS listing for Jake’s ranchett, it ain’t no “mansion” despite inflated LA property prices.

  13. Well, now we know why a couple of weeks ago, JCM was rumpeting the fact they were shooting bareback again…..because it was the last ditch to save the company. The press releases can dress it up however they like…..if it looks like bankruptcy, and it smells like bankruptcy, then it’s bankruptcy.

    1. Wasn’t it Chaosmen which started the trend with occasional bareback clips (one including one guy who later became a popular model on Corbin Fisher called Derek)? I could be wrong though.

  14. I recall a few months back when it was announced, or quietly confirmed, that CocksureMen would no longer produce bareback scenes. Just within the last two weeks they were promoting a new bareback scene added to the line up. Perhaps, site traffic fell tremendously when Cruise decided to go condom only. The return of bareback scenes would indicate to me that this was an attempt to cater to an audience that prefers that type of porn. Maybe it was too little too late and now the viability of Cruise’s company is kaput.

  15. well this is certainly a huge disappointment. when reading the title, I was hoping that Jake Cruise himself will cease to be in front of the camera and will stay behind it like he should have been from the beginning. Sadly, that is not the case :(

    I love a lot of what CockSure has released and I am greatly disappointed that this division of JC media will cease production. I am however glad that Jasun Mark will have a greater part in front of the camera he’s a pretty handsome guy!

  16. Sorry to those who have lost their job. Never fun in the current economy. But hopefully this blot on gay porn will go away now and we can enjoy future new porn stars without having to go through watching them have sex with Mr Cruise.
    Also, on a more sarcastic tone, I am surprised – nay, shocked – that an old not good-looking out-of-shape man paying extravagant money to convince hot porn “stars” (reference to your own blog post Zach) to have sex with him and then charge people to watch it may not have turned out to be a sound business plan.

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