The Final Season Of This Homoerotic Show Is About To Drop On Netflix

Who Killed Sara? is a surprisingly homoerotic Spanish-language Netflix mystery series, and season three is finally set to premiere tomorrow, Wednesday, May 18! So what better time is there to check out the show’s past gratuitous male nudity and gay sex?

The actors Luis Roberto Guzmán and Eugenio Siller really steal the show here. Eugenio Siller disappoints his girl by being attracted to men, and she even tries to dress like a man in order to entice him in the bedroom. Nice try! 

Thankfully for Siller, things really click in the bedroom with Luis Roberto Guzmán. Their chemistry is off the charts, and they go further than most actors are willing to go on screen. Their steamy gay makeouts are legendary, and Luis even throws Eugenio onto the bed to do him from behind! Plus there’s an APL – Armpit Licking Moment – that we’re suddenly realizing is a very important moment for the television arts.

But Who Killed Sara? is gayer than just one couple. Polo Morín masturbates while filming another man naked. We can only hope that season three of Who Killed Sara? is even gayer than the first two seasons! Take a look at an oversized load of hot moments below, check out the final season on Netflix, and make sure to click here if you want to see even more gay moments from this surprisingly hot show.


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