Ty Royal & Elijah Wood for NakedSword Originals: On Set Exclusives

If the long, hard road to middle east “piece” was this sexy, they would have stopped fighting centuries ago.

At least on the set of the latest NakedSword Originals’, everyone is cumming together.

Last time, the exclusive on set pics of Colby Keller and Adam Ramzi arrived on a Monday. Today, they help TGIF earn it’s all cap status.

Some vantage points offer a clearer look at the situtation.

Both peace and piece are a process.

Would would happen if a horny Arab and a sexy Israeli were assigned to the same dorm room?

mr. Pam is finding out right now with the help of Ty Royal and Elijah Wood. No, not that Elijah Wood. The Hookie winning Elijah Wood

The one you know from Gay Room


Culture clashes don’t have to be messy. This one is in all of the right ways.

It’s great to see Ty Royal looking as hot as ever.

Remember his scene with horse-dicked Valentin Petrov and a pre-orange jumpuit Jarec Wentworth in NakedSword Original’s A Wicked Game?

[Watch Ty Royal and Valentin Petrov in A Wicked Game]

Consider that a preview of cumming attractions. Meanwhile avail yourself to all of the explosive titles at at NakedSword Originals.

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