The Man Behind The Nipple: Dominic Ford’s Bryce Evans

Your exclusive first look at the first exclusive Dominic Ford model is below.

Having found major success with their Whorrey Potter feature and then the reality sex game show So You Think You Can Fuck, it was only a matter of time before Dominic Ford signed their first exclusive model to have sex in 3D. His name is Bryce Evans, and even without a cock shot to fully judge him by, I approve.

Evans has classic porn star good looks and the classic porn star body without looking like every other porn star, if that makes sense. What I mean to say is, I would jerk off to him.

But, questions remain!

  • Top or bottom? Vers?
  • Gay, straight, or “I refuse to label myself”?
  • Cut or uncut?
  • Shaved, waxed, or naturally smooth?
  • How old is he? 19? 24? 34? 50?


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