When did Randy Blue's Patrick Dunne get such insanely gigantic nipples?

Patrick Dunne has the biggest, most succulent, most amazing nipples on any Randy Blue porn star—and arguably any other porn star (male or female)—ever. He'd be hot enough even without nipples, but the size of them has me nipmatized.

He started working with Randy Blue in 2010, but he hasn't been seen in almost a year since his last scene with Sean Zevran in 2012. Where has he been? Getting nipple enhancement surgery? On the left, Patrick Dunne today. On the right, Patrick Dunne way back in 2010:

I want to milk Patrick Dunne.

Good God:


Here are the only six things in the entire world that are bigger than Patrick Dunne's nipples:

A crop circle.

The flying saucer that made that crop circle.

The giant cock ring in that Raging Stallion movie.

The dome on the Capitol Building.

The world's largest pancake.

The world.


If you can handle it (I cannot), watch Romeo Alfonso fuck the cum out of Patrick Dunne on Randy Blue:

[Randy Blue: Romeo Alfonso Fucks Patrick Dunne]