The Only 6 Things In The Entire World That Are Bigger Than Patrick Dunne’s Nipples

When did Randy Blue’s Patrick Dunne get such insanely gigantic nipples?

Patrick Dunne has the biggest, most succulent, most amazing nipples on any Randy Blue porn star—and arguably any other porn star (male or female)—ever. He’d be hot enough even without nipples, but the size of them has me nipmatized.

He started working with Randy Blue in 2010, but he hasn’t been seen in almost a year since his last scene with Sean Zevran in 2012. Where has he been? Getting nipple enhancement surgery? On the left, Patrick Dunne today. On the right, Patrick Dunne way back in 2010:

I want to milk Patrick Dunne.

Good God:


Here are the only six things in the entire world that are bigger than Patrick Dunne’s nipples:

A crop circle.

The flying saucer that made that crop circle.

The giant cock ring in that Raging Stallion movie.

The dome on the Capitol Building.

The world’s largest pancake.

The world.


If you can handle it (I cannot), watch Romeo Alfonso fuck the cum out of Patrick Dunne on Randy Blue:

[Randy Blue: Romeo Alfonso Fucks Patrick Dunne]


42 thoughts on “The Only 6 Things In The Entire World That Are Bigger Than Patrick Dunne’s Nipples”

  1. My ex used to be very overweight, and then he started lifting weights. He got massive muscles, but his nipples were about as big as Patrick Dunne’s. It became a huge fetish for me.

    These days, I realize that this can be due to the use of performance enhancing chemicals, such as testosterone and steroid use. Using it over a long period of time causes your body to respond with an increase in estrogen, and one result is that your nipples get larger and puffy; the result is known as Gynecomastia. There’s actually a class of drugs that will reduce this, the most commonly used being Tamoxifen, which is also used to reduce breast cancer tumors.

    So, it’s possible that Mr. Dunne used some chemicals to help him gain muscle, and the result was these massive areolae which, for the record, I’d suck all night.

    1. It could be like you write. Do you think also that these massive areolae give Patrick a bigger sensitivity when a partner licks his nipples?

  2. Patrick you are one Beautiful and Sexy Dude in every way! Your Nips are over the top FREAKINFANDAMNTASTIC! This comes from a real Texas Cowboy that thinks you got it ALL! Best to ya Dude… Please Contact if and when you get time… God Bless and take Care!

  3. Hey Patrick- You have the Most Beautiful Nipples I have ever seen on the net. You are also so Beautiful in every way!!!! I just want to suck your nipples and have Great Sex with ya Dude. A fellow Texan, John…TEX… Just Love Ya Dude….. You Make My Day! Thanks…

  4. I have always had a great love for nipples and Patrick dunne has the most awesome set of nipples and it makes me crazy.

  5. My Nips are big and my bfs always luv them but mine are pretty hairy (Im 28).
    I l=get off looking at Dunnes headlights and when he cums they get so fucking hard.
    I luv weeing that. That guy Cain has huge nobs too I think he is at corbin fisher.
    The other thing that’s kewl is when a babe with huge udder that are also ticklish
    and sensitive. Mine are real sensitive and when my bf Anthony kisses or sucks them
    my cock gets rock hard and I want to cum. I wood luv to rub my dong on this dudes
    huge nipples and tease them with my cock.

  6. you know ive been looking for a gay site that focus only on GAY NIPPLES VIDEO -the actual sucking video!

    so far none! yes, i was a member of chestmaninternational dot com – but i was a bit frustrated, only showing thier malen nipples but no actual sucking male tits scenes. then there was Bodyadonis dot com – again its only rubbing and touching nippples and so as nippleplay dot com – is there a good site for guys nipple play? please recommend me..

    IVE BEEN A NIPPLE FETISH for a long time – i enjoy sucking man tits – those big ones are so yummy and chewy.

    there was only 4 hot porn stars who really has a biggest chewable nipples on the planet

    no. 1

    the biggest of them all is MARCELO LARS of Kirsten Bjorn videos – not so active porn star

    no. 2 is Brenden Cage – bigger than Patrick Dunne – trust me!

    no. 3 the guy has his own site – ALAIN LAMAS

    NO. 4 Steve Fox of the 90’s video Fox Liars – i believed he passed away.

    any thoughts? please share. or email me

    1. Mark Kaiser and Jakub Stefano have big nipples too, but my absolute favorites are Patrick and Marcelo. Thank you very much for your comment. I have the same nipple fetish as you do.

    2. I know I would love to watch them
      When the time is hitting right I love to lay back and rub mine for honestly for hours
      And I found that I could cum with nipple play only
      Mine are a bit smaller then a 50 cent size
      They honestly have been that bug when I was 8
      They looked huge Now I am searching for a way I can get them fucking huge like 3’’ arolla and a 1 1/2 long nipple so fucking bad

    3. these all pale in comparison to jayden marcos. honestly after a look at his tits these all look like itty bitty little kid tits. jayden has true god like tits of a maaaan.

  7. I love nipples like his, always have, always will. I would spend some serious time kissing, licking, biting, and trying to get milk from them he’d probably need to get a restraining order for against me. I have always loved half-dollar sized nipples. What disappoint’s me is that there is not a lot of nipple play in porn. It makes no sense, that a hot as hell erogenous zone like that get’s ignored.

  8. Perez Hilton is Ron Perlman

    Ok what in the Sharon Tate hell is up with all the fucked up 60’s art behind them? They look like satanic holly hobbies.

  9. Sean Cody’s Ashton has bigger nipples and he’s sexier and can fuck like a genie. BTW, the guy on the right from three years ago doesn’t look like the guy in all the other pics. The guy in the other pics looks like a regular contestant from the Jerry Springer Show.

    1. Apparently, some posters here are so gay that they come out the other side of it… I mean, seriously, you’re talking about milking his titties… :/

      1. You know you really could milk a guy’s nipples. I saw it in an xtube video one time I couldn’t believe it. wish I remember what it was called.

          1. LOL never tried to find the guy getting fucked by a horse, but did try and find 2 girls 1 cup just to see what all the fuss was about. Never found it and don’t intend to try haha.

            Oh and I found the guy I was thinking about. it wasn’t that hard to find him all I had to do was put “milking nipples” into the search.

            He has like 6 preview videos, he actually sells the full scenes.


    2. YES , BIG TIME ! TOTALLY ! have you ever suck a big fat nipples ? so yummy, like a meat chewy inside your mouth . you can feel it and you dont want to let it go. its big turn on and not all Gynecomastia due to steroids. Hellooooo most of them is natural , they were born that way . i want my nipples bigger as well

  10. He’s been with RB before he had those huge nipples haha. But yes they were just slightly bigger than average when he first started. But damn I seriously love to milk those! Could they be from steroid use? I mean many people do mention on there that is one of the side effects of using, massive nipples. Oh well still hot!

    And he’s G4P I think. That’s the last I heard from him on RB cam.

    1. “Ermahgerd, he’s gay-for-pay?! That makes him, like, ten thousand times hotter then!”

      /sarcasm *shotgun blast to the face*

  11. He and Bilding are the only ones with beautiful nipples like that. It’s such perfection. We need more of them porn.

  12. The things I want to do to those nipples. All safe of course, but I still want to do SO many things to them! So MANY.

    1. Marcelo Lars – has the Biggest and Puffy Nipples ever! something about the big areolas really turns me on .Did you guys had experience sucking a man with Big Areola? its so juicy and like a gum inside your mouth . YOu can suck it and chew it for long hours .

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