The Perfect Way to Ask Someone if They Spit or Swallow

How do you take your loads? Are you a spitter? Do you prefer to swallow? These are the questions being asked thanks to the latest pieces of merch from NakedSword Originals!

Inspired by The Art of Swallowing, the new seed-soaked film that’s out now on, this mini-collection of T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies asks everyone in your vicinity if they “SPIT OR SWALLOW?” It’s the perfect conversation starter for anyone who’s looking to have some truly cummy conversations about jizz, spunk, and that heavy, heavy cream.

You can see for yourself right now over at Load up on your loaded-up gear over there and then be sure to click on over to to watch every cum-loving second of The Art of Swallowing!

[THE ART OF SWALLOWING on FalconMerchShop]


8 thoughts on “The Perfect Way to Ask Someone if They Spit or Swallow”

  1. It can’t remember once some guy spitting; not taking the load was the other option. In the 80’s and 90’s it was just polite to let the suckie know that you were near so they could make an informed choice.

  2. I always consider a nice, salty, sweet load of jizz to be my reward for a blowjob well done. No way would I spit it out. I always enjoy relishing it and it leaves me always wanting more!

  3. That is a mood killer. You either do it or not. Personally only time spit is when no lube and he wants to fuck my hole. Do love swallowing cum sometimes facial.

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